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How to create nested webpage in HTML

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If the user needs embedded content in the website used Nested web pages concepts. It's a page within a page. Use a nested Web page when you want to represent information from another page to your website.

This means you can keep both pages information without having to change anything else on your Website. Create a nested (embed) page with the help of HTML. An inline iframe tag in your text editor.

We are used an "iframe" tag into the "body" section of the document. Use the "src" attribute to specify the address of the second page, embedded page. We can also use CSS to style the iframe.

The <iframe> use some attributes like src, width, height, etc.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>iframe Tag</title>
<iframe src="" height="420" width="550"></iframe>
<p>Use the height and width attributes to specify the size of the iframe </p>



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