CodeIgniter Features

CodeIgniter Features


Codelgniter is an MVC-based framework of PHP. it contains a rich set of libraries which make it more flexible and easy to develop speedy websites.

Features of CodeIgniter

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Some attractive features of CodeIgniter are given below:

  • Dynamic installation: In CodeIgniter, components are loaded and routines executed only on request means components are installed dynamically rather than globally.
  • MVC-based architecture: This framework uses HMVC (Hierarchical model view control) design which divides the whole code into three parts.
  • Model: It represents data structures that help to retrieve, insert and update the information into the database.
  • View: It represents the data presented to the user.
  • Controller: It works as an intermediary unit among the model, view, and any other processes needed to process the HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) request.
  • Loose coupling: Coupling is the degree that represents the dependency rely by the components of a system on each other. In this framework components loosely coupled.
  • Extremely Light Weight: Due to MVC structure, this framework has extremely lightweight and exceptional performance.
  • Codelgniter has strong compatibility with standard hosting accounts that run a variety of PHP versions and configurations.
  • Codelgniter does not require any command-line knowledge.
  • Codelgniter has clear documentation and a variety of problem-solving books.
  • Codelgniter has a large library of helper functions.
  • Codelgniter supports hooks and class extensions.

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  • Codelgniter generates browser-friendly URLs.
  • Codelgniter provides the facility of error logging and full-page caching.
  • Codelgniter provides data encryption, session management, and pagination facilities which make it more secure and programmer-friendly.
  • This framework also provides form and data validation.

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