Current Affairs April 3rd and 4th Week | General Knowledge

Current Affairs April 2019 (3rd & 4th Week)

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1) Who has been determined as Executive Director of Punjab National Bank?
Rajesh Yaduvanshi

2) The World Creativity and Innovation Day were observed on which date?
April 21

3) Who has been determined as the chairman of India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA)?
Jitendra Chadda

4) Who has been designated as a new chairman of EPCH i.e. Export Promotion Council for Handicraft?
Ravinder Kumar Passi

5) What is the name of the platform with which Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) has partnered for MSME billing discounting?
Trade Receivables Discounting System (TReDS)

6) The World Haemophilia Day was observed on which date?
17th April

7) The  World Liver Day was observed on which date?
April 19

8) Which country has introduced its first satellite named as "NepaliSat-1" on association with NASA?

9) Who has been declared as chief executive officer of Deutsche Bank-India?
Kaushik Shaparia

10) Who was determined as an Exclusive Corporate Ambassador to the Indian Business Community of Dubai-based RAKEZ?
Ravi Shastri

11) Which bank has introduced 'NRI-Insta Online' for paperless account opening process for the NRI's taken up the residence in Financial Action Task force member countries?

12) What is the name of the newly introduced private blockchain and quasi-crypto currency by world bank for an objective of promoting blockchain technology?
Learning Coin

13) Which financial service application has become India's first application which has integrated with UPI options?

14) In which country the second edition of Belt and Road Forum (BRF) was held?

15) Who has been esteemed with lifetime achievement award 2019 by DRDO in Mohali?
AK Singh

16) Which country has made its first test flight of world's largest Aeroplane?

17) "The global problem of food Allergy" is the theme of?
World Allergy week 2019 i.e. (7-13 April)

18) Which country invented the world's first armed amphibious drone boat?

19) Which IIT researchers have developed a technique for ovarian and breast detection?
IIT Roorkee

20) The 8th edition of HOME EXPO INDIA 2019 was unrolled in which city?
Greater Noida

21) Who is the winner of world press photo 2019?
John Moore

22) Which space agency has recently organized the human exploration rover challenge 2019?

23) G20 summit 2020 will be hosted in which country?
Saudi Arabia

24) In which country the historic Mujibnagar day was recently celebrated?

25) The International Mother Earth Day was observed on which date?
April 22

26) Who has been entitled as the brand ambassador of IAAC (Indo-American Arts Council)?
Chef Vikas Khanna

27) Recently which chinese application has been banned by Google?

28) Which country is going to introduce the world foremost Artificial intelligence Summit 2019?

29) Who won Chinese Grand Prix for the 6th time?
Lewis Hamilton

30) What is the name of the national park of Assam whose entire mining activities has been banned by Supreme Court?
Kaziranga Park

31) Who has been appointed as its India Managing director of Twitter?
Manish Maheshwari

32) Who has been determined as the brand Ambassador of redBus?
MS Dhoni

33) Which RBI sponsored institution has introduced a 5G lab for financial and banking sectors?

34) What is the name of Jallianwala Bagh Poem based poem released in UAE?
Khooni Vaisakhi

35) What is the name of NASA's first female Astronaut who recently passed away?
Jerrie Cobb

36) In which country Asian Tea Alliance was introduced?

37) What is the theme of World Malaria Day which was observed on 25 April 2019?
Zero malaria starts with me

38) Which company has signed an agreement with India Post to Transform Country's Mail Delivery System?

39) Who has been appointed as the CEO of Deutsche Bank for India?
Kaushik Shaparia

40) The International Day for Monuments and Sites was observed on which date?
18th April

41) The Festival named as "Rongali Bihu" was celebrated in which state?

42) Who was designated as the first woman vice-chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia?
Professor Najma Akhtar

43) Which bank has becomes the first public sector bank by introducing an advanced functionality in EMV chip?
Canara Bank

44) Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) has collaborated with which platform for MSME bill discounting?
M1Xchange TReDS platform

45) English Language Day was observed on which date?
April 23

46) Who has been esteemed with the National Intellectual Property Award, 2019?
Dr. Benny Antony

47) Where was the First edition of Naval Commanders' Conference held?
New Delhi

48) What is the theme of World Veterinary Day which was observed on 27 April 2019?
Value of Vaccination

49) Recently one book named as "Politics of Jugaad: The Coalition Handbook" was released, who is the author of it?
Journalist Saba Naqvi

50) What is the rank of India according to Akamai Technologies report for hacking attempts in the world?

51) The 39th edition of Badminton Asia Championship 2019 was held in which country?

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