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1) Name the country who recently signed a five-year global partnership with an international cricket council?

Coca - Cola

2) What is the name of the world's oldest man who recently died after 113th birthday celebration?

Francisco Nunez Olivera

3) What is the name of new DGMO of Indian Army?

Lt. Gen Anil Chauhan

4) Who is the new chairman of BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council of India)?

Punit Goenka

 5) Name the Indian personality who was honored with carnot prize for power reforms, Rural Electrification?

Piyush Goyal

6) In which city, PETROTECH-2019 i.e India's flagship hydrocarbon international conference, was planned to be held?

New Delhi

7) Who has been appointed as India's Ambassador to Burkina Faso?

Vijay Singh Chauhan

8) What was the venue of the 8th meeting of the India-china joint working group in counter-terrorism?


9) Who has been appointed as the deputy chief of the naval staff?

Vice Admiral M S Pawar

10) Which country received the award of excellence at new york times travel show 2019?

India for 'Best in show'

11) Who has been appointed as the vice chief of the naval staff?

Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar

12) In which state, NGMA organized the first edition of 'Night at the Museum'?

New Delhi

13) In which city, the 2019 international conference was held?

New Delhi

14) In which city, ISRO has introduced the Human Space Flight Centre?


15) Name the first female cricketer to play 200 ODI 2019?

Mithali Raj

16) According to interim budget 2019, how much funds have been assigned for MGNREGA?

60000 crore

17) Who has been appointed as India's Ambassador to the Maldives?

Sunjay Sudhir

18) What is the name of the Aayog that the government has announced to set up for the cow's production and productivity?

Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog

19) Name the organization that has officially announced the international year of the periodic table of chemical events 2019?


20) How much amount has been allocated for the railways in the interim budget 2019-20?

64587 crore

21) Indian coast day was observed on which date?

1st Feb

22) Lokpal search panel headed by judge Ranjana Prakash Desai was held in which state?

New Delhi

23) Who has been appointed as the director of the central bureau of Investigation by central government?

a) IPS

b) IPS officer Rishi Kumar Shukla

24) World Wetlands Day was observed on which date?

2 Feb

25) Who has become the first Indian lady to earn a card for Australian LPGA?

Golfer Vani Kapoor

26) In which city, A music and dance festival i.e. 'Sopan 2019' has begun?

 New Delhi

27) In which state there will be the foundation on 2 AIIM,s?

Jammu and Kashmir

28) Which Indian state has announced the endangered dolphin as its aquatic animal?


29) India will receive 5000 MILAN Anti-tank guided missiles from which country?


30) Which state of India has signed an MOU with Microsoft company to enhance digital learning?

Sikkim government

31) India will launch its communication satellite from French Guiana, what is the name of that satellite?


32) What is the location of the Mahatma Gandhi cancer hospital that is going to organize 'cancer awareness walk'?

Andra Pradesh

33) World cancer day was observed on which date?

4th Feb

34) India-Monaco Business Forum was held in?

New Delhi

35) What is the name of the scholarship scheme that Odisha government has announced to enhance farmer's children education?


36) Who was selected as the man of the series in India - New Zealand ODI series 2019?

Mohammed Shami

37) What is the name of the scheme that the Punjab government has introduced to develop village infrastructure?

Smart village campaign

38) Who has become the first Asian woman to play a hundred T20Is?

Pakistani Cricketer Sana Mir

39) Who has been announced as the winner of the CIMA award?

Shashikant Patil

40) Who has been appointed as the new chief executive officer and managing director of corporation bank?

PV Bharathi

41) Who is the CEO of the PM-JAY app?

Indu Bhushan

42) Which Indian state has become the first state to introduce PMRU for monitoring drug Violation devices?


43) India's largest multi-cultural street festival known as the Kala Ghoda festival start from which city?


44) In which city the ICT Academy Bridge 2019 conference was held?


45) Who is the winner of the 2019 Seattle open title?

Ramit Tandon

46) Which city is the venue of the 2019 Asia LPG Summit?

New Delhi

47) Winner of the Hopman cup 2019?

Switzerland team

48) Which state Government has introduced the 2nd phase of the Pasupu- Kumkuma scheme?

Andhra Pradesh

49) In which state, the national salt satyagraha memorial is situated?

Navsari district of Gujrat

50) In which Indian state 'RAHAT- 2019' i.e. joint HADR exercise, will be conducted?


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