Current Affairs October 2018 (2nd Week)

Current Affairs October 2018 (2nd Week)

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1) World Arthritis Day is observed on which Date?
12th October

2) World Sight Day was observed on which Date?
11th October

3) The increase of uric acid in our body one suffers from?

4) Name the country that signed Digital Security Bill 2018 and makes it a Law?

5) Name the person who passed away after a 111 day Hunger strike of "demanding cleanliness of river Ganga" due to a Heart attack?
Professor GD Agarwal

6) Name the person who is appointed as CEO and MD of Air Asia India?
Sunil Bhaskaran

7) Eye Care everywhere was the theme of?
World Sight Day 2018

8) Name the Indian Navy Ship who has participated in for 16-day 32 edition of India-Indonesia Coordination Patrol (IND-INDO CORPAT) at Indonesia?

9) One of the state forest Department of India's has initiated the vaccination to protect lion from the CDV (Canine Distemper Virus) Name of the state is?

10) Cyclone Luban has originated in which Sea?
Arabian Sea

11) "Tarli Irritation Project" was approved for the financial assistance of 1,610 crores by which Government?
Maharashtra Government, This project is in Sahara and the first mega food park is also set up in Sahara.

12) In which city, India, and Japan held their 2nd Edition of Japan-India Act east Forum?

13) In Which city, the home ministry has issued an advisory to exempt Sikh women from wearing a helmet at the time of two-wheeler driving?

14) The national Electronics policy 2018 was started by the government whose objective is a turnover of $billion in the manufacturing of domestic electronics by which year?

15) Shanghai Cooperation organization's 17th meeting of CHG i.e. Council of the head of Government was held in which city?

16) Name the coal of best quality containing highest carbon content?

17) International Day for Disaster reduction was observed on which Date?
13 October

18) Which ministry has developed an Online Assurances Monitoring System?
Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs

19) What is the theme of the International Day for Disaster Reduction?
Reducing Disaster Economics Losses

20) Name the spin baller who was honored with Dr. M.A. Chidambaram Birth Centenary Award?
Bishan Singh Bedi

21) Amway which is known as an American Company. Who is appointed as first Global CEO of this Company?
Milind Pant

22) Name the two countries whose Government have supported the World Bank to launch a GRiF(Global Risk Financing Facility)?
The United Kingdom and Germany

23) How many numbers of members Committee has been announced to set up for all #MeToo cases by Maneka Gandhi?
4 Members

24) Who has been appointed as the CEO of the Bhilai Steel Plant?
Arun Kumar Rath

25) 2nd Edition of "2+2" Secretary-level Dialogue held by India and Australia in which City?

26) World Union of Wholesale Market's 32nd World Conference was held in which City?
Gurugram in Haryana

27) Name the three Mobile Applications launched by Punjab?
i.Khet Machine, e-prevent and e-PEHal

28) Rank of India in 2018 according to RTI rating?

29) Artificial intelligence enabled "Power Bat" launched by the Spektacom Technologies was owned by?
Anil Kumble

30) Who won the Mid-day Young Achiever Icons Award 2018?
Actor Ruhaan Rajput by the Amruta Fadnavis and this event took place in Mumbai at the Grand Hyatt.

31) Name the wife of Maharashtra's chief minister?
Amruta Fadnavis

32) Who is the Director of the company "Einfolge"?
Einfolge is the name of the company that deals with the IPR services, trademarks, patents Globally and director of this company is Actor Ruhaan Rajput

33) Name the place where the Governor Shri Acharya Devvrat inaugurated the 2-day First ever Regional Conference on 'Women in Detention and Access to Justice'?
Shimla, On October 4, 2018

34) Name the website that was recently launched by the Maharastra Government for analyzing drought-like conditions in the village?
"Maha Madat" launched on 6 October 2018. Drought conditions are like analysis of crop situation, rainfall, and underground water level. This website deals with this analyzation with the help of technology with the support of (MRSAC).

35) Which state government discloses the Unnati scheme to built end-to-end support infrastructure for startup entrepreneurs from a marginalized background and what is the objective of the scheme?
Karnataka state government

The main Objective is to deliver  empower and social welfare development  which will mentor, identify and promote the youth entrepreneurs from the SC/ST communities

36) Who won the Under-19 Asia Cup 2018 on 7thOctober 2018?
India won by scoring 304/3and defeated Shri Lanka by 344 runs. In which, a Yashasvi Jaiswal has been declared as the man of the series whereas Harsh Tyagi was declared the Man of the Match.

37) Name the women who recently passed away on 6thOctober 2018, following a long-term illness, in Barcelona, Spain?
Opera singer Montserrat Caballé

38) Gandhi Mandela centre launched on?
On October 8, 2018, Pretoria in South Africa

39) The currency of South Africa?

40) Who will be the Chairman of the EPCA?
Bhure Lal

41) JIMEX 18 i.e. India-Japan bilateral maritime exercise undertake at?

42) Who was given Nobel price in Literature? Name the country where she belongs?
Maryse Conde from Guadeloupe

43) World Migratory Bird Day was observed on?
13th October

44) What is the theme of World Migratory Bird Day 2018?
"Unifying our voices for bird Conservation"

45) International Day for Girl Child was observed on which Date?
11th October

46) What is the theme of 11th October 2018?
"With her: A Skilled Girl Force"

47) Name the African country who is selected as the Host of 2022 youth Olympic Game by IOC (International Olympic Committee)?

48) Winner of the Deming prize 2018?
Indus Tower

49) Name the companies who has topped as the biggest producer of Plastic Trash Acc. To Greenpeace?
Coca-Cola PepsiCo and Nestle

50) According to Oxfam world inequality index, Rank of India is?

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