Current Affairs November 2018 (4th Week)

Current Affairs November 2018 (4th Week)

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1) Name the person who has been appointed as the head of WhatsApp India?

Abhijit Bose

2) Who has been appointed as the new president of Interpol?

KIM Jong Yang

3) There is one Military exercise known as "Vajra Prahar" between India and the united states were started in which city?


4) Name the inventor of the electric tram?

Fyodor Pirotsky

5) Author of the book 'Radio Kashmir-In Times of peace and war”?

Dr. Rajesh Bhat

6) Which state government of India has approved the implementation of Sashakt Mahila Yojna?

Himachal Pradesh

7) Name the person who has become the first batsman to reach the 11,000 run mark in Ranji Trophy?

Wasim Jaffer

8) Name the country that refused the united nation Agreements on migration on November 21, 2018?


9) Name the log Sabha MP from Kerala, who recently passed away?

MI Shanavas

10) Name the company who owned the Neighbourly App?


11) Name the temple that had been demolished recently?

Bawkhaleshwar Mandir

12) Name the VIRUS responsible for the deaths of Asiatic lions for which the government of Gujarat has decided to spend funds for conserving the Lions of Gir?

CDV (Canine Distemper Virus) 

13) Name the Rajya Sabha member from Odisha who recently passed away?

Baishnab Charan Parida

14) Name the Pakistani poet, feminist from Meerut who recently passed away?

Fahmida Riaz

15) In which state a national institute of Inter-faith studies will be set up?


16) French Legion of Honor was awarded to?

William Pollard

17) Which country has declared malaria-free?


18) Who is the youngest UNICEF'S latest Goodwill Ambassador?

Milie Bobby Brown

19) To express the power of the communication, the 46th world hello day was celebrated on which date?

November 21

20) Name the country that successfully launched the "Mohammad VI-B" i.e. the earth observation Satellite?


21) Who has been appointed to head the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP)?

Joyce Msuya from Tanzania

22) Name the institute whose one of the researchers has developed a Smart-based system for detecting adulteration in milk?

IIT Hyderabad

23) A bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi was inaugurated in?


24) Who is the new Sponsor of Indian archery?


25) Which city of India offered the Highest salary according to Linkin report of Business and Employee oriented service?


26) Name the person who has been awarded the Sayaji Ratna Award?

Amitabh Bachan

27) Winner of the international James Dyson Award 2018?

This award was given to two peoples i.e. Nicolas Orellana and Yaseen Noorani

28) Name the Indian hockey players who become the brand Ambassador of Adidas?

Manpreet Singh

29) Name the country in which the largest exhibition on Construction equipment and Technology ConMac 2018 took place?


30) In which country yellow river flows?


31) Who is the brand Ambassador of Apollo Tyres?

Sachin Tendulkar

32) Name the Indian state that is going to implement the biometric attendance system in Government colleges?


33) In which city there was held the 2nd edition of India Gold and Jewelry Summit?


34) Which country is considered the largest producer of wheat?


35) Which person has been appointed as the first brand Ambassador of Uber eats?

Alia Bhat

36) Badavara Bandhu Scheme was launched in which state?


37) Name the person who has become the first player in the history of the T10 League to pick up a Hat-trick?

Pravin Tambe

38) Name the company who has launched an artificial Chabot named as "Anya" for health-related queries?


39) UDAN license has been canceled of which Airlines?

Air Odisha

40) Name the state government that has passed the bill to enhance the anti-adulteration law?


41) Name the country whose voters have rejected the same-sex marriage?


42) Name the only  Indian company that manufacture Quadi cycles?

Bajaj Auto

43) Tangaliya Shawl that was given GI tag is an indigenous craft of which Indian state?


44) National Milk day was observed on which date?

26 November 

45) Who is the men single champion of Syed Modi international Championship?

Sameer Verma

46) In which place the 49th international Film Festival took place?

Panji in Goa and in this time Don Wolman was given Lifetime Achievement Award

47) Who has developed the 'Impact based Forecasting Approach Technology'?


48) Name the country who won the women's world T20?


49)  Who has been appointed as the new chief election commissioner of India?

Sunil Arora

50) Name the place where 3-day long logix India 2019 was held?


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