Current Affairs March 2019 (4th Week) || Exam Preparation

Current Affairs March 2019 (4th Week)

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1) World Tuberculosis (TB) Day was observed on which date?
March 24

2) What was the theme of World TB Day which was celebrated on 24 March 2019?
"It's time"

3) Which airline turn into first Indian low-cost airline incorporate with International Air Transport Association (IATA)?

4) What is the name of a new podcast application introduced by CBSE i.e. Central Board of Secondary Education?
'Shiksha Vani'

5) Who has been determined as India's Chief of Naval Staff?
Vice Admiral Karambir Singh

6) Who has been designated as the Brand Ambassador of PhonePe?
Aamir Khan

7) Who has been determined as the new CEO and MD of the Fortis Healthcare limited?
Ashutosh Raghuvanshi

8) World Meteorological Day was observed on which date?
23 March

9) Who concluded Artificial Intelligence for India Summit on 26 March 2019?

10) Who inaugurated FinTech Conclave that was organized recently by NITI Aayog at New Delhi?
RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das

11) In which country World's largest e-Waste Recycling Hub was introduced?

12) What is the name of the Application introduced by Linkus Infratech company recently for an objective of connecting neighboring city users without any internet connection?

13) Which airport has been declared as the world's 12th busiest airport according to traffic rankings (2018)?
Indira Gandhi International Airport

14) Who has been selected as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Ford Motor Company?
Tim Stone

15) Which Indian player becomes first to score 5000 runs in IPL?
Suresh Raina

16) Who won the Global Teacher Prize 2019?
Peter Tabichi

17) Who won Recently Best Actor Award at 64th Filmfare Award held in Mumbai?
Ranbir Kapoor

18) Which company introduce garbage bins composed of stainless steel for cleaning purpose?
SAIL i.e. Steel Authority of India

19) Which State Government accepted PRANAM Bill?

20) Which country accepted a proposal to introduce Sharda Peeth Corridor?

21) Which state Government banned OLA for 6 months due to the claim of license term breakage?

22) What is the name of the world's longest salt cave which was recently found by the researchers of Israel?
Mount Sodom

23) In which country LIMA 2019 stands for Langkawi International Maritime Aero Expo was introduced?

24) Which Indian becomes the recipient of the Oxford University Bodley Medal 2019?
Amartya Sen

25) The Book named as 'Every Vote Counts-The Story of India's Elections' has been written by?
Navin Chawla

26) Researchers of which institute have developed an AI based detector for an objective of detecting diseases like Malaria in short span of seconds?
IIT Delhi

27) The World Theatre Day was observed on which date?
27th March

28) Who has been declared as the recent BCCI's ad-hoc Ethics officer?
DK Jain

29) "Turing Award 2019 has been given to the three researchers" Name them?
Yann LeCum
Yoshua Bengio
Geoffrey Hinton

30) What is the name of the Application launched by Bongaigaon district administration of Assam for the first-time voters?

31) What is the name of the world's highest polling Station?
Tashigang located in Himachal Pradesh

32) Which report has been recently published by IEA i.e. International Energy Agency?
Global Energy & Co2 Status report

33) Which Indian sports organization becomes the winner of Best Sports Federation award given by ASSOCHAM?

34) Which Indian organization has determined to introduce a regulatory sandbox for Fintech start-ups?

35) Who is the writer of the book named as Indian Fiscal Federalism?
YV Reddy

36) Which Indian organization would facilitate digital solution for French open?

37) Researcher of Australia has created a new automated non-invasive technique associated with which objective?
Diagnosing Eye Surface Cancer

38) Which place was the venue of the 12th edition of Asian Airgun Championship?
Taoyuan in Taipei

39) What is the name of the new programme launched by ISRO to impart general knowledge of space applications to children for an objective of inducing their interest in space activities?
YUVIKA i.e. Yuva Vigyani Karyakram

40) Which railway station was honoured with Gold Rating through Indian Green Building Council?

41) Who has been re-appointed as MD and CEO of Maruti Suzuki?
Kenichi Ayukawa

42) Who has been selected as a Brand Ambassador of
Cricketer Virender Sehwag

43) Which company will be the new acquisition of Reliance Jio's?

44) World Piano Day was observed on which date?
30th March

45) Who became the first female president of Slovakia?
Activist Zuzana Caputova

46) The ASEAN School Games 2019 will be held in which country?

47) Which movie is the recipient of best film award at 64th film fare Awards 2019?

48) Which Country carried out its first general election after 5 years of military rule?

49) Who has been appointed as the DGNO of India?
MA Hampiholi

50) What is the name of the celebrity who introduced the independent music label called Inclnk?
Ranveer Singh

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