Current Affairs November 2018 - 2nd Week

Current Affairs November 2018 (2nd Week)

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1) Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to Japan?
Sanjay Kumar Verma

2) What is the current and capital of Japan?
Capital is Tokyo and currency is yen.

3) Who has been appointed as the president of India Electronics and Semiconductor Association?
Nina Tshering La

4) Who has been awarded "lifetime achievement award 2018" by FICCI?
Ramdas M Pai

5) Who has been awarded as the IPI i.e. international press institute award of excellence in journalism 2018?
Naramata Biji Ahuja

6) Name the payment platform that has been announced a partnership by ICCI Bank to launch a co-branded credit card will be available in visa platform?
Amazon Pay

7) "Korea Marine exercise program" is between the USA and which country?
South Korea

8) Who inaugurated Queen Hur Memorial in Ayodhya?
Kim Jung- shook

9) Name the country in which vice president Venkaiah Naidu has launched the Jaipur foot camp?
PK Sethi invented Jaipur foot camp at Malawi

10) Name the Bhajan singer and great lover of Lord Krishna passed away recently?
Vinod Agarwal

11) Which stadium is recently renamed as "Atal Bihari Vajpayee Stadium"?
Ekana International stadium of Lucknow

12) Name the Author of the Book "Big Egos and Small Men"?
Adv. Ram Jethmalani

13) Name the state in which international film festival of India will take place?

14) Which Festival is related to Jalikatto?

15) What is the name of the newspaper published by Mahatma Gandhi when he was in Africa?
Indian Opinion

16) How much amount of finely selected by RBI on Fino payment Bank by RBI?
1 Crore

17) Name the Veteran Freedom Fighter and also the member of Indian National Army who passed away recently?
Rathinam from Tamil Nadu

18) Name the six states that have been selected by the union ministry of home affairs and released Rs 113.36 crore under Border Area Development programme?
Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Assam, Gujarat, and Nagaland

19)"Mo Bus Service" containing the latest facilities was started by which state?

20) Who has been appointed as new Chairman of the Citigroup after replacing Michael O'Neil?
John Dugan

21) Winner of a Global Science video competition i.e. fourth annual "breakthrough junior challenge"?
Samay Godika

22) What is the duration of a member of international telecommunication union (ITU) i.e. India who was re-elected as a member?
Four years

23) 'Heavenly palace-a space station' has been discovered by which state?

24) In log Sabha and Rajya Sabha, the minimum number of seats required to be present for conducting a meeting?
1/10th of the total seats

25) The united nations postal system has issued special postage stamps for Diwali celebration and is denomination is?
1 stamp= USD 1.15

26) Name the group along with UN World Food programme have formed a strategic partnership to support for eliminating Globally Hunger by 2013?

27) Name the country that has been planned by India to resume the raw sugar exporting from early 2019?

28) Name the Indian state government who has approved the proposal of paying 25000 to every graduate girl in 2018 and onwards?
Bihar for preventing the early marriage of girls

29) In which Indian state, the union cabinet has approved construction of "Central Tribal university"
Andhra Pradesh

30) The 18th foundation day was celebrated by which state recently?

31) For Aqua mission 2.0 second, name the state government that has announced Rs 378 crore investments?

32) By which Date, Reserve Bank of India announced its plan for establishing an ombudsham for Digital payments?
March 2019

33) Name the author of the book "Becoming"?
Michelle Obama

34) When was the international day Radiology observed?
8th November and theme was cardiac imaging

35) What is the autography of the Kapil Dev?
"Straight from the heart"

36) Name the first women secretary General of Log Sabha?
Snehlata Shrivastava

37) Which country has recently discovered the most advanced Stealth drone named as UAV CH7?

38) Name the country who's Muslims is banned by Saudi Arabia from Hajj Pilgrimage directly?
Israel Muslims needs Jordon temporary visa to travel to Saudi Arabia

39) Name the district of Uttar Pradesh that soon will be renamed as Lakshmi Nagar?

40) World science day for peace and development was observed on?
10th November and theme was 'Science- A Human Right'

41) Name the two communities that have been decided to set up the development board by West Bengal Government?
Matua and Namasudra

42) The first ranked most congested Indian city acc to NBER is?

43) Which country has been involved with China as a digital partner of Beijing's drive to cyber-connect with Eurasia?

44) Name the country in which the 5th world internet Conference was held?

45) Name the country that has become the first country in the world to ban reef-killing sunscreen?

46) Name the seafood that has been banned by the Goa government for the next 6 month?
Fish. Because of the presence of chemical named as formalin.

47) World pneumonia day was observed on which day?
12th November

 48) Who is the author of the book "yoga and Mindfulness"?
Mansi Gulati

49) Name the magazine that was sold to the Thai Business man recently?
Fortune Magazine

50) Name the former minister belongs to BJP was recently passed away?
Formal minister Ananth Kumar

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