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1) Which state becomes the first Indian state to implement 10% quota to EWS OF General Category?


2) How many airports are banned by AAI (Airport Authority of India) for the single-use plastic at the first phase of the implementation?

16 Airports

3) Who got the "Best Motion Picture: Drama" Award at the 76th Golden Globe Awards held in Califonia, USA?

Bohemian Rhapsody

4) Who won the "Best Drama Series Awar" at the 76th Golden Awards held in Califonia, USA?

The Americans

5) Name the cricketer who becomes the most capped player under the History of Ranji Trophy?

Wasim Jaffer

6) What is the theme of Raisina Dialogue?

'A world Recorder: New Geometries; Fluid Partnerships; uncertain Outcomes'

7) Name the person who has made the record of the highest wicket-taker in the history of Ranji Trophy?

Ashutosh Aman

8) Venue of the 4th edition of the Raisina Dialogue?

New Delhi

9) Name the two countries that have decided to work collectively for the peace and Stability of Afganistan?

UAE and Pakistan

10) Who took over the new chief minister of Nepal's Supreme Court?

Justice Cholendra Shamsher J B Rana

11) According to CSO, India will grow at what percentage in 2018-2019?


12) Adhaar linking will be made mandatory for which document announced by Ravi Shanker Prasad?

Driving License

13) What is the name of the scheme under that Government have announced to assist one-time financial support for Rare Diseases like ABCD Syndrome?

Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi 

14) Who won the best Actor's Award on the 76th Golden Awards 2019 held in Califonia, USA?

Rami Malek

15) Name the company has overtaken Microsoft to become the world's most worthwhile Company?


16) Name of the book written by Jay panda?

Lutyens Maverick

17) World's largest paper mill is constructing by Indonesian Company (APP) in which state?

Andhra Pradesh 

18) Which state becomes the number one Indian state for Startup?


19) Which country is the first Asian team to win a Test Series in Australia?


20) In which city the world's largest Stadium is getting constructed?


21) Recently, who have taken charge of India's new envoy to China?

Vikram Misri

22) World Hindi Day was observed on which date?

10th of January

23) Name the Chinese city becoming the second city possess 99% electric Taxis?


24) Name the 33th District of Tamil Nadu?


25) A new planet "HD 21749B" discovered by NASA satellite TESS is how many light years away from the earth?

53 light years

26)In which Indian city, 86th national Billiards & Snooker Championship will be held?

Indore in Madhya Pradesh

27) Who has resigned as the Chairman Of NSE as an immediate effect?

Ashok Chawla

28) What is the name of the application discovered by the scientists of IITM Pune for giving alerts of forthcoming lightening activity?


29) Who is the first transgender woman has been appointed as the national general secretary of all India Mahila Congress?

Apsara Reddy

30) Recently which country quit OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)?


31) Who is the recently elected president of Congo?

Felix Tshisekedi

32) Name the first Indian to become the head of the Global Solar Council? 

Pranav R Mehta 

33) Name the person who becomes the world no 1 boxer in AIBA rankings?

Mary Kom

34) Web Wonder Women has been launched by?

Ministry of women and child development

35) Who has become the new CEO of ICC(International Cricket Council)?

Manu Sawhney

36) Which country will host the fifth time African Cup in 2019?


37) "Police-E-Eye" App was launched by which city?


38) The University of Vikramshila was founded by?


39) Who is the CEO of FSSAI?

Pawan Aggarwal

40) National Youth Day was observed on which date?

12th January

41) In which state, India's longest 300-meter Single Lane steel cable suspension Bridge was launched?

Arunachal Pradesh

42) Name the six states that have signed an Agreement for the Renukaji Dam multipurpose project?


Himachal Pradesh





43) Who has been appointed as the new prime minister of Taiwan?

Su  Tseng-Chang

44) The 29th Indian paint conference 2019 was held in which city?


45) Research Advisory Committee will be headed by?

Sankar De 

46) The USA has launched "Fair value for innovation" at Rasina Dialogue was Held in which place?

New Delhi

47) In which city, Human Space Flight Centre was introducing by the ISRO?


48) A Bilateral Army exercise between Myanmar and India taking place in which city?

"IMBEX 2018-19" at Chandigarh

49) Who has become the first player to smash five hundred in ODI cricket in Australia?

Rohit Sharma

50) Which country has becomes the first cricket team to win 1000 Games?


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