Current Affairs August 2019 || General Knowledge

Current Affairs August 2019 (4th Week)

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1) Who is the first Asian swimmer who successfully crossed the Catalina channel of America?

Satendra Singh Logia

2) Who is the present president of Zambia?

Edgar Chagwa Lungu

3) Which state has introduced "Mahatma Gandhi Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana"?


4) Which organization has been associated with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to organize research in the field of Robots and 5G?


5) Amazon has introduced its largest Global campus building in which Indian city?


6) What is the name of the newly inaugurated e-commerce portal by the Indian government aimed for the profit of the MSME sector?

Bharat Craft

7) In which Indian city, the president of India has launched the first world youth conference on kindness?

New Delhi

8) Recently, which Ministry inaugurated the Sabka Vishwas - Legacy Dispute Resolution Scheme?

Ministry of Finance

9) In which Indian city, the National Conference on Varmam Science was inaugurated for two days?


10) Which country has introduced the floating nuclear reactor in the Arctic?


11) The 2019 Indo-Pacific Chiefs of Defence conference is going to be organized in which country?


12) Women's Equality Day is solemnizing annually on which date?

August 24

13) The seventh Community Radio Sammelan is going to take place in which city?

New Delhi

14) Which bank has initiated India's first-ever one-time password facility in context to ATM withdrawals?

Canara Bank

15) Which application developed by 5 Noida girls has recently won the U.S. tech prize?


16) Which Ministry has introduced an application named "Shagun" to boost the school education system?

Human Resource Ministry

17) Which application was recently introduced by Telangana State Government to empower the employment ecosystem in the state?


18) The 18th conference of the Parties of (CITIES) occurred in which city?

Geneva (Switzerland)

19) India's first garbage cafe is going to be introduced in which state?


20) The "Fit India Movement" has been introduced by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi at which city?

New Delhi

21) The international day of the victims of Enforced Disappearances is solemnized on which date?

30 August

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