Current Affairs 3rd Week of October 2018

Current Affairs October 2018 (3rd Week)

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Top 50 weekly current affairs of the third week of October 2018 covering national, international news headlines important for all competitive Examination including bank, SSC etc.

1) Name the Camera that was recently developed by the California Institute of Technology and also known as the World's Fastest Camera that is capable of capturing 10 trillion frames per second?

2) Ministry of Happiness was first started in India, by which state Government?
Madhya Pradesh and whereas Andhra Pradesh was the 2nd state Government

3) Name the country with whom India has signed two memoranda of understanding to provide the necessary assistance for the construction of 1200 houses?
Sri Lanka

4) Name the mobile Application which Recently OYO has partnered?
Phonepe is the name of the Application through which you can effortlessly book a room and Sameer Nigam is the CEO of the "phonepe"

5) What is the theme of International Day of Rural Women and when it is observed?
On 15th October and the theme is "Sustainable infrastructure, services and social protection for gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls"

6) Name the country that is going to be the Host of the 2019 edition of the 4th IAAF worlds Relay?
IAAF stands for International Association of the Athletics and Federations. The name of the country is JAPAN

7) What is the name of World's first minister for loneliness that had launched her First Anti-loneliness Strategy i.e. the person suffering from Depression and stress?
This Strategy was launched in the UK and the name of the minister is Tracy Crouch.

8) Name the state of India who won the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Future policy Gold Award?

9) CEO of OYA?
Ritesh Aggarwal

10) Who is the latest India's ambassador to China?
Vikram Misri

11) What is the other name for Sobagya scheme?
Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana

12) If any state completes the Sobagya scheme earlier than as it was scheduled, how many funds, the Government has announced as the prize?
100 crore rupee

13) Where will be textile tourism Complex will set up?
On the Ri-bhoi District of Meghalaya

14) Who is India's ambassador to Afghanistan?
Vijay Kumar

15) Name the two countries that have launched a joint programme to Train the Diplomats of Afghanistan?
India and China

16) Winner of the men's Single at 2018 Rolex Shangai Masters (Tennis)?
Novak Djokovic

17) Rs 198 crore was cleared for Drinking water project proposal by the Karnataka State Government for which city?

18) Name the state to which, the central government has agreed to provide 7.8 crores for textile tourism complex?

19) Name the person who has been appointed as the Indian Captain for the India-China Friendly Match?
Sandesh Jhingan

20) Name the author of the book named as "Lalu Leela"?
Sushil Modi

21) Youngest Indian to score a Hundred on Test Debut against West Indies in Rajkot, Gujrat?
Prithvi Shaw

22) Name India's next Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand?
Suchitra Durai

23) Who is the great musician of India whose birthday is on 16th October and Google dedicated a doodle?
Lachhu Maharaj

24) World Food Day was observed globally on which day?
16th October

25) Name the winner of India's First medal in athletics at the Youth Olympic Games 2018?
Suraj Panwar

26) The theme of the World Food Day?
"Our actions are our future- A zero Hunger world by 2013 is possible"

27) Name the country that was recently observed by the United Nations that there are minimum three million people are in urgent requirement of food and will suffer from food scarcity if they don't get assistance?

28) Name the city where international Silk fare 2018 began?

29) Winner of the sultan Johar Cup Junior Hockey 2018?

30) Name of the AI-based assistant that the IRCTC has launched for the queries related to the ticket booking platform?

31) Recently the Name of the Allahabad city was modified to which name by the UP Government?

32) Who wrote "Building a legacy" i.e. known as the biography of Late Anumolu Ramakrishna?
V Pattabhi Ram

33) The international day for Eradication of poverty was observed on which Date?
17th October

34) Recently who was appointed as the new chairman of the NCPCR?
Priyank Kanoongo

35) World Egg Day's was observed on which date?
12 October

36) Name of the country who have become the topper of medal tally of Asian Para Games 2018?

37) What is the motto of the Asian para games?
"The inspiring Spirit and energy of Asia"

38) Name of the country along with ASEAN who will conduct the "First-ever joint maritime exercise"

39) Name the person who was Appointed by Nokia as a brand Ambassador in India?
Alia Bhatt

40) Name the Indian union minister that will be honored with 2018 Carnot prize of Kleinman center for energy policy?
iyush Goyal

41) Name of the state who recently celebrated Kati Bihu Festival 2018?

42) Name the Space Agency whose Scientists found Superflares flares from young Red Dward Stars imperiling planets?

43) Winner of the Wildlife Photographer of 2018?
Marsel van Oosten

44) Name the Indian photographer who won the 2018 young wildlife photographer award for "pipe owls"?
Arshdeep Singh

45) Name the social entrepreneur of India that has been conferred with IOC Sports and Active society Development Grant award 2018?
Suheil Tandon

46) Which Technological Gaint has recently signed with BSNL to liberate industry 4.0 for manufacturing excellence?

47) Which state of India's Shahi lichi has got Geographical Indication Tag?

48) Which State has become the first smoke-free state of India?

49) Name the country that Becomes 2nd Country to Legalize Recreational Cannabis?

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