Current Affairs 4th Week of October 2018

Current Affairs October 2018 (4th Week)

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1) United Nation Day was observed on which Date?
24 October

2) Which State Signs MoUs With Israel For Agri Research?

3) Name the first city where UTS mobile App was launched?

4) In which state Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated "Krishi Kumbh"?

5) Name the country who Successfully Launched 1st Soyuz Rocket named as"Soyuz-2.1B rocket"Since Failed Space Launch?

6) 2nd International Conference on Primary Health Care (PHC) towards UHC & SDGs' held in?
Astana, Kazakhstan

7) Name the 1st Female President Appointed by Ethiopia?
Sahle-Work Zewde

8) Who is the Present President of the Asian Development Bank?
Takehiko Nakao

9) Winner of the CAPAM Award 2018?

10) Name the faculty who receives INSA Teachers Award-2018?
Prof Ashis Mukherjee

11) Recently, IDFC Bank has changed its name to"
IDFC First Bank Ltd

12) Head Quarter of IDFC Bank?

13) In Wrestling World Championships, Who is the Winner of a bronze medal in the women's freestyle 57kg weight class?
Pooja Dhanda

14) Name the three Indian women grapplers who had won a bronze medal  of the World's Championships before Pooja Dhanda"
Alka Tomar, Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat

15) On October 24, 2018 (GoM) constituted The Union Government for strengthening existing legal matter of women harassment will be headed by?
Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh

16) Who receives the prestigious Seoul Peace Prize 2018 Award for'Modinomics'
PM Narendra Modi

17) Name the cricketer who became the fastest batsman to score 10,000 runs in one-day internationals?
Virat Kohli

18) Winner of the top United Nations Investment Promotion Award for its best effort on promoting renewable resources?

19) On which Date, the railways UTS mobile App was launched nationwide?
1st November

20) Name the Artifical intelligence Application powered customer service launched by PNP Metlife?

21) The first engineless train made by India whose speed is 160 km/h that will be launched on 29th October the name of the train is?
Train 18

 22) Name the person who becomes 7th time president of Cameroon?
Paul Biya

23) Sittwe port is in which Country?

24) Fali S.Nariman has been honored with the 19th Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award for Excellence 2018 by whom?
Vice president of India M.VenKaiah Naidu

25) Name the new CEO and MD of the PayTM payment back?
Mr. Satish Kumar Gupta

26) OmKareshwara Temple is in which state?
Madhya Pradesh

27) Name the city in which, president of India inaugurated International Arya Mahasammelan-2018?
New Delhi

28) In which State Vice president of the Mr Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated 3-day Sagar Discourse conference?

29) SAGAR stands for?
Security and Growth For all in the Region

30) Name the Indian personality has been crowned the Miss Deaf Asia 2018?
Nishtha Dudeja

31) Name the Indian scientist, that will be honored ICFA's first-ever world agriculture Prize?
M.S Swaminathan

32) "Udbhav Utsav" festival of 15th edition international Dance was held in which city?

33) According to the brand finance nation's brand report of 2018, the rank of India is?

34) Sittwe port is located in which country?

35) The national police commemoration day is observed on which day
On 21 October

36) Name the cricket team who won the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018?

37) World's longest sea-crossing bridge was officially opened by which country?

38) Name the person who has been honored as Indian entrepreneur of the year SEOY (2018)?
Prema Gopalan

39) Name the book written by Amitabha Bagchi that has been shortlisted for Hindu Prize 2018?

40) Who won the man booker prize for friction 2018?
Anna Burns

41) WEF's Global competitiveness index 2018, India rank is?

42) Who has achieved the Haridyanath award for lifetime award 2018?
Mohammed Zahur Khayyam Hashmi

43) Name the personality has been honored with US presidential Award for reducing human trafficking?
Minal Patel Davis

44) Name the author of US-based Dalid who won the Shakti Bhatt First book prize 2018?
Sujatha Gidla

45) Name the national party who will form a new government in Bhutan?
Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa

46) Who is the CEO of the FINO payment Bank?
Rishi Gupta

47) A first Trilateral meeting among Afganistan, Iraq, and India was held in?
Tehran, Iran

48) World development information day was observed on which day?
24, October

49) Who has been appointed as the new editor of HINDU?
Suresh Nambath

50) Who inaugurated world longest bridge recently?
Xi Jinping

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