How to setup Google Analytics in WordPress

How to setup Google Analytics in WordPress


After successfully publishing the Blog, everyone is very curious about the reaction of the audience on their blog. For this, Google had discovered a tool known as Google Analytics Tracking. You can visualize the location of the user's visiting to your blog.

With the Google Analytics tool, you can very easily track the geographical location of the active users on your blog, able to know the live presence of users on your blog, analyze the channel of the visitors whether they are performing a direct search, organic search, referral or from social media links, able to perform basic Analysis, setup Dashboards. You can install Google Analytics App or visit the Google Analytic Website.

You can also add Google Analytics by the Monster Insights Plugin in WordPress. This plugin is freely available on the internet and serves as a very simplest technique to perform Google Analytics on your blog.

Steps to Setup Google Analytics in WordPress

1 Search your Tracking code snippet and tracking ID by the following step

Log in to your Analytics account.

  • Click on Admin Tab.
  • From the ACCOUNT column, choose an account.
  • Select the property column and under that property column,
  • Click Tracking code from tracking info.
  • On the top of your page, visualize the properties number and tracking ID
  • You can visualize the tracking code under website tracking

2 Install and Activate Plugin

  • Go to plugins situated on the left side and click on Add new
  • Search for Google analytics. It will display a list of Google Analytics tools. Select the monster Insights analytics formally known as Yoast Google Analytics
  • Click on install now
  • Activate plugins
  • For plugin activation, you require to go on Insights tag situated below the setting
  • Get your Google Analytics Code

By manually

  • Copy the tracking ID mentioned in step 5 and add it manually.
  • Go to the setting on the plugin situated below the settings. Paste the copied tracking id and perform the required general setting and then save the changes.

By authenticate with Google Account

Similar to manually method, go to the setting on the plugin situated below the settings. Click on Authenticate with your Google account to perform Google Analytics to WordPress site connectivity.

Add the required information and website URL consequently, you will be granted your Google Analytics tracking code.

Click Allow, you will get a code. Copy that code and paste in general settings and then

Select the Profile and then Save changes.

Then check it working.

Finish the setup by following onscreen instructions. After completion, now you will be able to visualize the reports of website analytics report directly from WordPress dashboard.

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