Is your Business suffering because of Coronavirus || Work from Home

Is your business suffering because of Coronavirus ?

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Is your business suffering because of Coronavirus?

Are you feeling Isolated?

Are you ready to work remotely?

As we all know that CDC has declared CORONAVIRUS an epidemic and every business is suffering because of it.

But don't worry if you are ready to take that extra step towards the success, we are here to help you with the push your business require.

Would you like to increase your work productivity up to 120 hours?

It is very difficult for any business to get work done from home but with the proper tools we can make it more efficient and effective.

Below is the list of 5 tools which can make work from home easier than ever.

1. Zoom Video Calling

It is a free video conferencing platform which allows you

Screen sharing

Content sharing



Group meetings, client meetings, multiple participants, personal meeting ID.

Sign Up Free - Zoom Video

2) Screencasting

It is a free Google extension which allows you to record screen

Easy to use

Let you easily record, edit, and share videos

Let you integrate with Google Drive and YouTube

Free Install - Screencastify Google Extension

3) Google Sheet

It is a Google drive extension

Free to use

Let you instantly update your work

Easy to use

Can share access to anyone with limited control

4) 50 Computer Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Keyboard shortcuts for your computer

Make your work easier

Increase the pace of your work

Increase your output

5) Lightshot Screenshot

It is a free extension to take screenshot of your computer

Fast screenshot of selected area

User Friendly

Share screenshots via Internet

Multiple Platforms like Windows and Mac

Similar image search to your screenshot

Read More - Lightshot Screenshot

These are some of the tools which can make work from home easier than ever.

If you are interested and would like to set up all this process for your business we at Coding Tag are always happy to help.



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