Telephonic Interview Questions and Answers

Telephonic Interview Questions and Answers


The primary step to get hired for a job is an interview that a person has to give as with the help of it an employer will be able to understand the aptitude and if he/she will be the suitable choice for the vacant role in the company or not. You may have noticed that there has been a great change in the scenario of interviews and most of the companies in today's time prefer to make it an easy and efficient process while hiring a professional for any job.

Telephonic interviews have become really common in today's world and you will find that most of the companies prefer to interview a person over the phone for short-listing or even hiring him/her. The best part about telephonic interviews is that you as an interviewee don't have to talk face to face; this will certainly make it a way easier for you to answer the questions of the interviewer as many people find it really coltish while talking in person and giving interview.

Although, it will be definitely an overstatement to say that telephonic interviews are easy as the questions that you will be asked and the parameters on which you will be judged will remain the same. The key to crack any telephonic interview is to have a clear idea about the questions that you can be asked for at the time of giving an interview.

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Before exploring the questions, let us have a look at some of the tips that will help you while you give an interview over the phone:

Be Calm: In general, one gets really excited while talking to the interviewer and answering the questions but going over the board is clearly a big no as no one would like to hire a person who is not placid in his/her approach. Thus, be calm when you answer the questions asked by the interviewer.

Interruption is bad: You can actually end up spoiling a conversation by interrupting a person again and again and an interviewer is an individual who wants to have a healthy conversation with you to know about you and your aspirations about the job profile, so do ensure that you don't cut the sentences while making your points abreast of the interviewer. Be patient!

Have a glass of water: A glass of water is a must to have before you start talking as it will make your throat clear and there will be less chances of fumbling and dry mouth. Also, have a deep breath before you start the conversation.

So, now as we have talked about the basic aspects when you go for a telephonic interview, let us now look at the questions that are in general asked for telephonic interviews so that you can prepare well and clear the coming interview:

Tell me something about yourself: This is the most common and most asked questions for almost all the job profiles. It is advisable that you focus on talking about your professional background and your educational qualification. No interviewer is interested in your family background, so be as brief as you can on your personal life, though talk about your areas of interest on the professional front and your hobbies as well.

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Why you left your last job: This is again a question that is asked frequently and the answer of this question can make the interviewer understand your professional behavior and approach towards your job. Never ever talk negative about your previous organization. Answer this question in a positive manner that you have learned a lot from your current/previous employer but now you are looking for a better position as you want to grow professionally.

What work you were doing there: An interviewer wants to know that what is your expertise and what have you been doing as a professional in your current/previous job. This is where you can talk about the skills you have, the work responsibilities that you have taken in your career and how you have been able to come all the professional challenges to become an asset for your employer. Your work background will impact the last decision of the interviewer! So, prepare the best answer beforehand!

Why you want to join our company: This is the question that is asked to know that why you are desperate to join that particular company and if you are passionate about it. By reading in brief about the company and telling the specific reasons that how it will help you in your professional growth and other positive aspects of it, you can answer this question perfectly.

Never say no to challenges: The basic aim of any interview is to assess that if you are the perfect choice for a company so the interviewer may grill you on scenarios such as: What if you have to do overtime? What if we call you on weekends, Are you comfortable doing unpaid overtime? Don't rush to say no to such questions as they are sometimes asked to check if you are open to challenges or not. Answer these questions positively.

Salary Expectations: The interviewer will ask you about your salary expectations rather than giving a figure you should say that it depends on the norms of the company. The interviewer may quote an amount after this and if you feel that it is less per your experience and prowess then at this point you can easily negotiate by giving plausible reasons.

Do you have any questions about the job: Don't say no as it is better to be a professional and ask if you have any doubts about the profile or any other aspect of the job. This will also help you to end the interview on a pleasant note as the interviewer will also feel that you are actually passionate about the job.

These are some of the commonly asked questions on telephonic interviews and making notes of the answers and preparing them in advance will make you more confident while giving the interview. We wish you all the very best for your interview!

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