Challenges Faced by Application Developers in HTML5 Development

Challenges Faced by Application Developers in HTML5 Development


With growing technologies, the demands of people are also gradually increasing. People want the best web application with all impressive features. This creates a competitive environment in the web development world. There are numerous ranges of web-designing companies having professional Web designers and developers. In spite of great experience, the developer still faces many challenges during web development. Based on our technical team experience, we will discuss some HTML5 challenges that our Application developer usually faces during scripting. These challenges might be helpful to developers to avoid mistakes during coding and also to confront tricky HTML interview questions asked in interviews. Experienced UI developers are always asked challenges and tricky coding questions to verify their experience.

Developers must address challenges before developing any new project, it will definitely result in a lasting and successful project. Let's begin with few challenges which simply don't mean to ignore.

1Cross-Browser Problem

We all are familiar with various browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Previously the foremost browser was Internet Explorer. Users are generally facing compatibility issues on some browsers. When developers are developing web applications with HTML5, they need to sort out compatibility issues through code or interactive tricks so that the application will behave similarly on every browser. This becomes a great challenge for the developer. To solve this, the developer can use the mentioned below solutions:


  • Use cross-browser-friendly libraries and frameworks such as AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, Jquery, etc.
  • For Example, Custom CSS can be used instead of SaaS, and media query can be used instead of Bootstrap.

  • Use Separate Style Sheets for different browsers.
  • Vendor specific functions such as example
  • Mozilla Firefox (-moz)

    Internet Explorer (-ms)

    Opera (-o)

    Safari and Chrome (-webkit)

  • Avoid DOCTYPE Error, because markup and CSS won't validate without defining DOCTYPE.
  • They can perform HTML or CSS code validation using W3C. Through W3C, developers can check XHTML document formatting. This can really solve the technical issue of the code.

2Delivering Identical Native App Experience:

Applications made up of HTML5 are failed to provide device-specific features such as camera, NFC are not assessable in some browsers. To design application, delivering an optimized experience identical to native app becomes a challenge for designer.


  • Normal HTML failed to access camera and NFC; Developers can use AngularJS and ReactJS because these frameworks contain their own html tags and also permit to design custom tags.

  • 3Problem: Application slow performance?

    The most common challenge, Developer faces while developing an application with HTML5 which technique should they implement to enhance performance.


  • Reduce the size of images by saving them with proper format
  • Minify JS and CSS documents
  • Inline CSS and JavaScript should be avoided
  • Reduce External HTTP Requests
  • Compress files
  • Reduce file sizes with server-side compression

  • 4Problem: Prevent code exposing

    The next challenge is how to prevent the risk of code being exposed? In HTML5 projects, majority of files get rendered /cached on User's system. Due to this, it became quite easy for any users to access and view entire code of HTML, CSS and JSS files. In this situation, HTML5 file encryption also fails because our browsers cannot run any encrypted HTML content. Then how to prevent code exposing?


  • To resolve above issue, Developer can use Code Minification or Obfuscation technique. This involves variable shrinking and making lines of code unintelligible in such a manner that browser can execute it. In code minify, it removes space and short name from the code.
  • Example of code Minify is given below:

    Before Minify

    function msg(){
    alert("welcome in codingtag");

    After Minify

    function msg(){alert("welcome in codingtag")}

    5Problem: Web Storage Security


  • Developer should avoid mistake of using Local data storage. Instead of local data storage, they need to use cookies and also assure that secure token page should not be saved on any cookies.


Above-mentioned challenges are the most general problems, designer faces while developing any application on HTML5. Before designing any web project, UI developers are recommended to learn HTML online and follow all guideline of html5 provided on this blog to reduce efforts.

We wish this blog would be helpful for developers while doing any development process on HTML5.

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