What is Web Hosting ?

by Shikha Singh 16-Jun-16

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Web hosting service is a Internet hosting service that provides individuals and organizations to developer their websites accessible via World Wide Web (WWW). Web hosting companies provides space on server to upload the files of website or web pages.

For upload the website files through Control Panel or FTP (File Transfer Protocol). In market, lot of website hosting companies, they provide the web hosting (space or server) to run the website. But for hosting we need domain name like www.codingtag.com.

Many types of Web Hosting:
a) Shared Hosting
b) WordPress Hosting
c) VPS (Virtual Private Hosting)
d) Dedicated Hosting
e) Cloud Hosting

We recommend www.ontimeinfotech.com for purchase the website hosting at very good price. onTime Infotech Company provides starting package of hosting is Just 1$ only.

At the time of purchase we have to check the features of hosting like Security, Uptime Guarantee, Technical Support, Back-Up etc. In market lot of companies are providing hosting free of cost with limited services, they supported by advertisements and lot of features are blocked to access, that time we have to convert hosting into paid hosting.

Most probably hosting companies require your own purchased domain name in order to host with them. If you don't have a domain name, then that hosting companies will suggest you to purchase domain name for further process.

After buy the hosting you will get:
a) Host IP
b) Control Panel (cPanel) - username and password
c) DNS (Domain Name Server)

When you will get above 3 details then Hosting Nameserver have to connect with domain control panel, In domain control panel there is option to change the name servers like ns1.codingtag.com, ns2.codingtag.com. But if you purchase domain and hosting from same company, that time 99% you don't need to change the name servers, they default integrate with them. But if you purchase domain and hosting from different different company, on that stage it's mandatory to hosting name servers replace into domain name servers.

After change the nameserver you can check on dnswatch.info.


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