Influence of an open source technology in future IT markets

Influence of an Open Source technology in future IT markets


Over the past years, software companies were implementing proprietary softwares. Presently, open source software's are dominating major sections of IT markets. To define what is open source software in simple words, we can say that it is visible and permitting anyone to compile and extend its code. Earlier open source software was viewed by non-tech companies but now its demand has been changed entirely. Almost every regressive company makes use of open source software with its tons of benefits.

The open source communities facilitate its users to download and use various applications which mean there is no charge over the copies of software. In the last decade, with an open source, only simple re-implementations (e.g. Linux) were carried out, but earlier it has been evolving in hard-tech projects also. This becomes a cost-effective option in comparison to proprietary alternatives for enterprises.

Let's discuss about innovative aspects of open-source software in emerging techniques and its future innovations.

  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Machine learning (ML) is the study of algorithms relies on data sets in order to learn, predict and generalize. Many IT giants are implementing Open-source machine learning engines. Some of the trending is Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine, Microsoft Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit, and Apache PredictionIO. Since machine learning is rapidly increasing technology, it become more innovative technology that captures people's interest which in turn enhance rapid future growth.

    Open-source libraries, AWS, and Google Cloud "permits developers to accomplish things in less time as compared to others that would have taken more time of researcher.

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain technology is highly fragmented and growing continuously with intense development in the IT sector. It is an open-source transactional database permitting transaction's tracks for example Digital currency i.e. Bitcoin.

    There are numerous open-source Blockchain platforms like ERIS, MultiChain, HyperLedger available to perform secure application development, deployment and to ensure transparency. Since Bit chain technology dramatically decreases the information flows & transaction's cost. Its scope is gradually increasing in e-commerce, online voting, data management, gaming, and e-governance.

  • Future innovations of Open Source Software

Open Source technology is rapidly fetching all requirements for success, striving to succeed with its challenges and realizing more benefits as per technological perspective. According to Gartner report 2019, approximately 85 to 90% software developers use open-source elements during application development. We expect this percentage will definitely glow as many companies are valuing open source platforms for sharing common infrastructure. As open source is used in growing era such as machine learning data Analytics, Bit-chain, the Internet of Things (IoT) and many AI-driven advances which in turn results in rapid spread of open-source technology.

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