To do checklist to avoid hacking

To do checklist to avoid hacking


Website hacking has become very common in today's time and you will find a number of businesses that face the challenge of online hacking. It will not be an overstatement to say that hacking can actually impact any business in a negative way and it also make the customers lose the faith on the website that can be hacked.

As a business owner of an online company, you cannot actually figure about that from where your business is under threat and the tricks that hackers use. It has been noticed that the computers of personal use are hacked more prone to hacking as compared to other kind of computers as there are a number of people who use them and they become the target of the hackers.

If you lack awareness or you don't take it as a priority to protect your website from the hackers then at the end, you will face a lot of business crisis that will make you start from scratch and you may also end up losing your credibility with your loyal clients.

To ensure that your website is safe and no one hacks it, you need to take care of simple aspects that will help you save yourself from this online threat. Here are the points that will help you to protect your website from hackers:

Use https:

You may have been also told earlier to always look at the tab of green color; https on your browser while exchanging any confidential information on any website. These are the five small letters for recognition and they are for the purpose of security of the user. It basically means that the site with https is save for use and any kind of financial informative can be provided there.

If you run your business online and on any page of your website, the user has to put his personal information and the debit/credit card details then it is necessary that you for the SSL certification. It will not cost you much to get this certification for your website but it will make you provide a secure platform to your customers where they can make payments to buy your products and services.

Use PDO:

PDO also known as PHP Data Objects is an interface for the purpose of accessing database in PHP. It is for the purpose of making the database functions more specific as compared to the use of regular extension functions.

PDO offers an abstraction layer which basically means that whichever database you use, you will be able to fetch the same data and use the same functions. It works as a security layer that helps you from getting trapped from hackers.

Stop right click:

You may have noticed some websites where you try to use right click but it never works and there is a pop up message that says that it has been disabled? There are also instances where websites block the option of copying image or content.

This is an easiest way to stop the hackers to harm your website as when the right click is disabled, all the transactions can happen in a secure manner and this is the reason why most of the banks use this feature.

Folder permission 755, file permissions 644:

There are many benefits of using these two permissions as with the help of these, you will be able to hide the password from all the accounts, and the security options can be added and removed. It is again an easy parameter to ensure that hackers are no more a threat to your website.

Proper validation (ex. mobile, email, image etc.):

Providing the option of validating the details of the users on your website will also play a great role in safeguarding your website from hackers. Options such as mobile number validation, images and email can make your website a secure place for your clients to surf and making online purchases.

Mobile: <input type="tel" pattern="^\d{4}-\d{3}-\d{4}$" >

Email: <input type="email" pattern="[^ @]*@[^ @]*">

Image: <input type="file" accept="image/*">

Use captcha on every form or login / signup (Admin Login also):

Captcha is an easily available option for securing your website as it also helps you ensure if a human is using your website or it is automatically happening by some robotic tools. Captcha also saves your website from getting under the trap of miscreants.

Password should be in md5:

A password is one of the common things that are eyed by hackers so never make a password that can be easily guessed as you can actually make it a better choice to secure your website by potting a strong password. Make a password that is a mix of numbers, letters and special characters and it is a big no to keep the password with the name of your family members and closed ones. A weak password will make your website vulnerable so be sure about the choice of it.

$str = "EnterPassword";
echo md5($str);

Stop folder access through htaccess: Deny the access from htaccess as it will again make your website vulnerable to the hands of the hackers. It is really easy to stop this access and to make your website secure.

Access of page with authorized user only:  By providing the access of the web pages that contain any kind of personal information, you will be able to make sure that there is no threating activity happening on your website as the users that are registered with you, will only be able to use your website.

Removed unwanted files from server: The files that are no more in use or the ones that are no more needed should better be removed from the server as in most of the cases it becomes easy for the hackers to pave a path to hack your website.

So, these are some of the simple ways that can help you to save your website from online scammers and hackers. If you are thinking that how PDO and SQL will be beneficial for your website then the reason behind this is the statements that are prepared with the objects of PDO as it makes you work in a more productive manner and if you work with PHP then with the two choices of SQL and PDO, you can check the different ranges of apps and scripts that are available on Envano market.

Hope this piece of writing prove helpful to you!

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