List of Domains Extension (TLD)

by Yogesh Khanna 20-Jun-16

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Here are given below Top Level Domains Extension:

a) .com (Commercial)
b) .org (Organization)
c) .net (Network)
d) .edu (Education)
e) .gov (Government)
f) .info (Information)

List of Most Uses Domains Extensions:

g) .biz (Business)
h) .name (Individuals, by name)
i) .services (Business Services)
j) .tech (Technology)
h) .asia (Asia Pacific Region)
i) .in (Companies, Individuals in India)
j) (Companies, Banks etc in India)
h) .co (Colombia)
i) .us (USA)
j) .eu (Europe)
k) .uk (United Kingdom)
l) .accountant (Generic)
m) .at (Australia)
n) (United Kingdom)
o) .gl (Greenland)
p) .it (Italy)
q) .name (Names)
r) .nz (New Zealand)
s) .qa (Qatar)
t) .scot (Scotland)
u) .sg (Singapore)
v) (United Kingdom)
w) .vip (Generic)
x) .wiki (Generic)

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Full Form of DNS - Domain Name Server and TLD - Top Level Domains.

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