Difference between Bootstrap and Foundation

Difference between Bootstrap and Foundation


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I hope you are familiar with the concept of Bootstrap! right? If not, then you can visit bootstrap tutorials. To continue this blog further, let me introduce some major aspects first briefly.

Frameworks: We can define framework as a standardized platform consisting of files and codes that can be used by any user in order to develop the presentation of any website.

The frameworks reduce time delay as there is no need to build any project from scratch.

CSS Framework: CSS Framework is known as front-end which comprises customized scripts (CSS, HTML) with an objective of structuring webpages.

This includes grids creation, ease of use methods and classes, etc.

Bootstrap: The most widely used CSS Framework has been implemented by many top brands like Vogue, Newsweek, Lyft and so on.

The main objective of this outstanding framework is to design a mobile responsive web-projects.

Foundation: Foundation is also one of the trending front-end frameworks that has been introduced by Zurb to design beautiful web-pages through its amazing features.

With a surplus of options existing in both frameworks, often UI designers and developers get lost in a jumble during the clash with the subject of Foundation and Bootstrap. Both of these play a major role in the Web-development era. Thus, the decision to select one is a complex task; which is equivalent to the task of picking one dish from your favorite dishes.

Further, I am going to introduce the comparison between these two frameworks for the objective of solving the disputes between the selection of both top-level technologies.

Let's discuss the main concern of this post "Difference between Bootstrap and foundation" through the below table.

Bootstrap was introduced by Marc Otto and Zacob Thornton.Foundation has been introduced by Zurb in 2008.
To download an entire set of minified files, Bootstrap permits twelve files at 733 kb.To download entire set of minified files, the Foundation permit 29 files at 698 kb.
Bootstrap contains a SASS port but is actually built with less. This implies that it uses both Less and Sass.Foundation contains its specific CLI i.e. it implements only Sass.
In spite of the 12-column grid system which has been used by both frameworks, Bootstrap comprises of fixed-width grid layout.Foundation embraces of a fluid layout. In other words, we can say it contains a more flexible grid system.
Bootstrap comprehends 12 JavaScript.Foundation frameworks holds 16 JS plugins.
In Bootstrap, there is a need to integrate class names to various
elements such as form elements, images, etc. to ensure responsiveness and to display base CSS styles.
Base CSS of Foundation framework is "out of the box."
It permits inline forms.This framework does not permit inline forms.
Bootstrap has reboot.css file.Foundation has normalize.css


That's all about differences between the Bootstrap and Foundation. Both of them have their own significance. One can choose which is apt for him/her as per his/her requirement.

In case you're deciding to go for Bootstrap, then you can see "bootstrap learning for beginners" as a reference course while designing your web template.

Did I miss any of the points which you feel should have been in the above comparison table?

If you have any more ideas regarding this blog, I would love to hear it from you.

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