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You might be searching for the best QA interview question but unable to find it. Aiming to provide you the questions with their brief answers, the coding tag has prepared a list of the exclusive QA Interview Question.

Let's walk through these once

1) What is QA stand for?

QA is the abbreviation for Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance is responsible for checking the quality of the process utilized in creating the software.

2) How software testing is different from Quality Assurance?

Software testing is completely different from Quality Assurance as it is responsible for monitoring the functionality of a final product when completed the user's need.

3) How can we define the term DDT?

DDT stands for Data-Driven Testing which is basically a method of software testing. DDT is responsible for monitoring the testing of computer applications.

DDT can be performed by using the mentioned below data storage:

  • Excel Sheet
  • Script Arrays
  • Table Variables
  • CVS Files (Comma-separated values)
  • Database Tables

4) What is the role of quality control in maintaining the growth of business in this era?

Basically, Quality Control is very important for growing business as it is responsible to load a product with assuring its quality. But also every time it is not directly connected with the business or its product.

Quality Control has a great contribution to making the business grow as it ensures to deliver the product by meeting the expectation of the customer.

5) Differentiate between build and release?

The difference between build and release is

A build is basically a number that allows installable software that is being provided by the development team to the testing team whereas release is a number that allows providing installable software to the customers by the developer.

6) Differentiate between bug leakage and bug release?

Bug release is at times when an application is delivered to the testing team after detecting the defect present into a release. Whereas bug leakage is when it is explored by the customers or the end-users and not to detect the default while testing the application or the software.

7) Define the steps required in the process of the Bug Cycle?

The steps required in the process of Bug Cycle are as follows:

  • Firstly, the bug is detected by the testing team and then assigned to the developer further in open status
  • If the testing team finds any default, the developers will fix it further
  • In case the default is not valid, it would be rejected by the developing team
  • When the defect is found, the tester will allocate a duplicate status
  • Then bug is handed over to the development team for fixing the defect
  • When the defect is repaired it would finally be considered as FIXED from the testing team's end and will give a complete status

8) What do you understand by Agile testing and what are its significances?

Agile testing is a software testing that uses Agile Methodology.

The significance of Agile is that there is no need for the testing team to wait for the coding. Using Agile, testing, and coding can be done altogether at the same time. In this, regular customer interaction is required.

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9) Name the tools that are used by the testing team while testing?

These mentioned below tools are used by the testing team while testing is:

  • Firebug
  • WinSCP
  • Web developer toolbar for the firebox
  • Selenium
  • OpenSTA

10) Define a test plan

Basically, a test plan is considered as a test life cycle document that allows apprehending the scope approach, resource requirements, and the timetable of multifarious activities performed by testing.

Moreover, it is also responsible for detecting the risk that can be caused at the time of testing.

We can also go for a good test plan that contains history, approach, overview, and content.

11) What is thread testing?

Thread testing is considered as software testing that is responsible for substantiating the major functional capabilities of a particular thread. It is top-down testing.

12) What is the role of a Software Quality Assurance Engineer?

A software quality assurance engineer is responsible for the following duties

  • Source coding
  • Ensuring the quality of the product that is handed over to the client
  • Detecting the defects in the software or an application
  • Designing the application or software
  • Creating a detailed plan and test cases
  • Change management
  • Testing of a program
  • Integration of the application

13) What can be the characteristics of a good test plan?

The characteristics of a good test plan are as follows:

Title: one-liner and clear to be understood easily

Purpose: an explanation for test case creation

Description: a good representation of the test plan

Test objects: a feature that is not open to more than one interpretation

Pre-condition: satisfactory conditions during the test execution

14) Difference between a test case and a use case?

Test CaseUse Case
A test case is a document that is responsible for step wide detailed information on the testing of software or an applicationThe use case is another document that is considered as one of a kind. It allows us to know about the users' actions
It contains the pass or fails result, outputs, actions, and remarksit contains the cover page content, exceptions, etc.

15) What do you understand by the test strategy?

Test strategy allows us to explain the process of the testing that is going to take place in the process of the development cycle. Test strategy contains the following information:

  • It comprises of the introduction
  • Resources
  • Test planning
  • The types of test to run
  • Scope for test activities
  • Schedule for test activities
  • Definition of Test priorities
  • Test tools


To conclude, I hope you have gone through these questions and found it easy to grasp the answers quickly as I have tried to keep it very simple. I always try to deliver the best to you all to help you learn and grow.

If you want any more interview questions and answers please comment below. I will surely revert you back with your queries.

Moreover, we have multifarious interview questions and answers that you can check.

Thank you!!

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