Top 30 Cloud Computing Interview Questions

Top 30 Cloud Computing Interview Questions

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If you want to get access to the frequently asked questions and answers on the most secure cloud service. Coding Tag provides you a comprehensive list of Top 30 Cloud Computing exam questions and answers to impress the recruiter of MNC companies.

1) What do you mean by Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is known as a computing model consisting of a huge number of systems connected in public or private networks, to provide direct cost benefits, data, file storage, and dynamically scalable infrastructure for the application.

With the advent of this technology, content storage, application hosting, delivery, and the cost of computation, is diminished significantly.

Cloud computing is simply processing, storing data from servers on remote servers, and accessing data applications through the internet.

2) Benefits of Cloud Computing?

  • Extent flexibility
  • Extend storage
  • Lessen cost and save time
  • Extend productivity
  • Data backup
  • Location independence
  • Robust

3) Name the agent which is identical to Nova Compute?

Azure Agent

4) Cloud Computing support On-Demand Functionality?


5) Name the different types of data types found in Cloud Computing?

In Cloud Computing, data types are referred to as contracts, emails, blogs, images, etc. with the increasing days; there will be a requirement of new data types to store different data.

6) Name the platforms used for large-scale cloud computing?

  • MapReduce
  • Apache Hadoop

7) Name the service models found to rent services in Cloud Computing

  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • LaaS

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8) What do you mean by SaaS?

Complete Software or service is rented for use. We don't need to worry about the run-time applications, middleware operating system, security, and virtualization. Everything is taken care of by your provider or vendor; you only need to consume that software.

Example: Gmail, Electricity

1) Electricity: Electricity is a real-time example of SaaS, people only consume electricity instead of generating it. You get a bill after consumption.

2) Gmail: Gmail is the best example of SaaS, you do not have to worry about security and about the place where our emails are stored. This all is the responsibility of vendors.

9) What do you mean by PaaS:

In this type of model, a platform is given for users to run their applications. you only need to use the existing architecture and on top of it, you can build new applications with the existing architecture. Everything is taken care of by the vendor.

Example: Google App Engine

10) IaaS:

Infrastructure as a Service

Complete infrastructure is given, networking, storage, virtualization, and servers are managed by the service providers apart from this, you have to take care of your data, run-times, applications, middleware and operating system.

For Example: If you want to eat a tasty meal, you have to buy dal, rice, masalas and all the required basic materials needed to prepare a meal, you have your own method to use that material. You have to buy only material i.e. basic infrastructure.

11) What do you mean by AWS?

Amazon Web Services is considered the most secure platform for providing cloud services like database storage, computer power, and many more effective functionalities to grow business


  • Facilitates on-demand services
  • Manageable services
  • Make use of abstract resources depend upon your requirement
  • Built by the experienced and skilled experts

12) What are the existing traditional problems occurring before the Cloud?

  • To host a website, there is a requirement of servers and monitoring, maintaining and setup of servers are very costly
  • Traffic is not constant, the amount of data generated nowadays are very huge, there is a need for space
  • Cost, ambiguity, off-scaling all problems are overcome by a cloud

13) What do you mean by Cloud? Why are they becoming so important nowadays?

Everything is online nowadays; we shop online, buy food, book flight, and train tickets reservation online. In turn generate a huge amount of digital data, to store that huge data, monitoring, proper maintenance cloud are required.

These things are the responsibility of the Cloud. Cloud can be referred to as a collection of data centers connected through a network and permit you to manage resources on the base of your requirement, in other words, it let you rent services.

These service providers take care of your services like security, space-related issues, and allow you to focus on your business.

14) Explain the term on-demand functionality in Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing facilitates on-demand access to the virtualized IT services and resources through the shared pool which contains servers, networks, storage, services, and applications.

15) What do you mean by the term utility computing?

The technique of providing computing services through a pay-per-use billing system on-demand is known as utility computing. Utility computing act as a business model in which the vendor operates own and manage computing resources and infrastructure.

The only work of the client is to utilize or access those resources whenever they required on the basis of the rental system.


  • Easy to scale
  • Easy to maintain
  • Facilities pay-per-use services

16) If someone wants to implement IaaS in Cloud Computing, what are the applicable factors and requirements?

  • Select a hypervisor support OS. For example Linux
  • Choose the best networking
  • Choose the suitable cloud models i.e. SaaS, PaaS or CaaS

17) Between public and private cloud, which one is faster?

Public is faster but less secure as a comparison to private cloud

18) Name the primary components of eucalyptus architecture?

  • Walrus
  • Storage Controller (SC)
  • VMware Broker
  • Cluster Controller (CC)
  • Node Controller (NC)
  • Cloud Controller

19) Name the types of hypervisor found in Cloud Computing? Which is the best hypervisor on the basis of performance?

Hosted and Native Hypervisors are the two Hypervisors found in Cloud Computing. Type1 or Native hypervisors are considered as the fastest between two because it executes directly on the host hardware.

20) Eucalyptus

Elastic Utility Computing Architecture acts as an open-source framework for linking programs to useful systems, applicable for private cloud computing

(AWS API and IaaS) the methodology is used for export a large number of APIs for users via different tools and in providing solutions in hybrids and private clouds respectively.


  • The user can calculate resource availability in private clouds
  • Made up of modular and extensible architecture for web services
  • Accounting reports
  • Provisions for user management, group and security groups
  • Can supports both Windows and Linux virtual machine
  • WS-Security to permit secure communication between processes and internal resources

21) What are the factors that need to be considered before selecting any deployment model to grow your business?

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Affordable Cost

22) How cloud architecture beneficial in business?

It provides a just-in-time infrastructure with zero investment and reduces the startup cost and allows efficient hardware resource utilization with full components like routers backup machines etc.

23) Explain the different types of stage associated with cloud architecture?

There are mainly four stages involve i.e.

  • Launching services
  • Monitoring services
  • Shutdown the irrelevant services
  • Clean up the broken or irrelevant processes

24) List some performance factors needed before choosing any service provider of Cloud Computing?

  • Elasticity
  • Scalability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Recovery of data and backup services
  • Verify the experience of the service

25) List data-centers found in Cloud Computing?

Low-density and containerized data center

26) MapReduce in Cloud Computing?

MapReduce act as the best framework used to process the higher amount of data created in both unstructured and structured format.

It uses commodity hardware and cloud services for processing data by replicating identical data three times and facilities scalability and default tolerance.

27) What do you mean by Community Cloud?

This model is identical to the public cloud with the exception of the limited accessibility of a particular group of cloud clients and is more costly and applicable in that situation, where organizations have common requirements and objectives.

28) What are the benefits of API in Cloud Computing?

  • It eliminates the requirement of writing a lengthy program
  • To serve different requirements of multiple clients
  • Simple to use
  • It provides a single interface that can be used further in multiple applications
  • Provides interaction between applications

29) What are the general clouds found in Cloud Computing?

  • Performance
  • Professional
  • Personal

30) Name some machine learning options in Google Cloud?

  • Google Cloud Translate API
  • Google Cloud Jobs API
  • Google Natural Language API
  • Google Cloud Speech API

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