Top 30 Bootstrap Interview Questions

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These are the Top 30 Bootstrap Interview Questions and Answers have been specially designed to keep a relevant knowledge about every topic of bootstrap Language.

These questions are taken from general topics; Interviewers will hardly ask any questions out of these basic topics. Coding Tag provides you with the best interviews questions for Technical Bootstrap round preparation.

Advanced Bootstrap Interview Questions Answers List

1. What is Bootstrap and it's Application?

Bootstrap is the most popular Open source Toolkit including HTML, CSS, and JS dependent templates used for building rapidly mobile responsive, dynamic websites and web applications. read more


a) Bootstrap increase development speed
b) Bootstrap is outfitted with a 12-column grid system and responsive layout for
c) Bootstrap ensures consistency
d) It's future compatibility
e) Bootstrap provides rich customization features for designing tailor-made websites
f) Bootstrap provides various advantages of using per-styled components
g) Bootstrap containing simple integration approach to integrate into specialized platforms and frameworks
h) Bootstrap contains a big list of components needed to develop mobile responsive websites like navigation bar, drop down, alerts, badges, labels
i) It reduces extra efforts of large coding

2. Who had discovered front-end Bootstrap framework?

Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto at Twitter.

3. Explains the type of layout present in Bootstrap?

There are mainly two types of layout found in Bootstrap. Fluid Layout(.container-fluid) and Fixed Layout(.container). Both these containers are used to design responsive layout.

When we want to use the whole width of the screen or to use to hundred percent wide application, fluid layout is preferable and for any basic screen, we can use a fixed layout. In fixed, pixel values are specified. The fluid layout can be able to adopt in any browser windows size by calculating all the values proportionally.

4. What are bootstrap modal plugins?

Modal plugins act as a small pop up or child windows can be used for parent window. The main objective of this dialog box is to provide user notifications and warn users about session timeouts or to receive final configurations to delete or save any data. bootstrap.js or bootstrap.min.js are required for proper working of bootstrap modal plugins.

Bootstrap modal plugins can be used to add flexible and smart dialog boxes. The backdrop can be used to automatically close any modal. Nested modal is not acceptable in Bootstrap and only one window can be used at one time in Bootstrap.

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5. What function can you use to wrap page content in Bootstrap?

.container can be used.

Top 30 Bootstrap Interview Questions

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6. How can you add a badge to list group in Bootstrap?

You need to create a element along with .badge class surrounded the list item.

<span class = "badge"> within the <li> element.

7. What is a jumbotron in Bootstrap?

Jumbotron is a big Grey Box displayed to highlight important key marketing contents to your website. You can also enlarge the text under this box. To create a jumbotron, you need to use a class .jumbotron with a <div> element.

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8. What are methods to display code Bootstrap?

There are two Tags <pre> and <code> are used to display code.

9. What is Bootstrap well in Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a component or container present in <div> and class .well to inset effect to an element.

<div class="well"> Well </div>

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10. What are Carousel plugin in Bootstrap?

The carousel can be defined as a slideshow of java scripts and CSS 3D transforms content work with series of text, images, or custom markup.

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11. Can we make a responsive image in Bootstrap?

Yes, we can make a responsive image with the use of .img-responsive in the <img> tag.

12. What is Bootstrap Grid System?

Grid system can be used to create a layout with a series of rows and is very important and interesting concept used in bootstrap. We can say that it is a container in which, 12 columns are present.

It also include four Grid classes. col-xs, col-sm, col-md, col-lg, col-xl are the class prefixes used in bootstrap for creating columns for a different size.

We can make groups of columns with the rows. For better Padding and Alignment, rows must be placed between .container-fluid and .container.

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13. What is the class loader in Bootstrap?

The class loader is component of Java Runtime Environment with the help of this loader, Java classes loaded into Java virtual environment.

It also converts a specified class into its corresponding binary pattern. It loads Java classes from java library. This library refers to the root of this loading hierarchy.

14. What are Bootstrap packages consist of?

Scaffolding, CSS, Components, CustomiZe,  Java Plugins etc.

15. What are contextual classes of the table used in Bootstrap?

Contextual classes are used to modify the background color of the table cells or individual rows. Classes that are commonly used are .success, .active, .warning, .info and .danger.

16. What are bootstrap media queries?

With bootstrap, we can create the key breakpoints, display, hide and move based on view port size.

17. What is lead body Copy?

It is used to add some prominence to a particular paragraph. Lead body copy will provide you with a lightweight, large size font, and a taller line height. add class="lead" inside paragraph tag.

18. What are Glyphicons in Bootstrap?

There can be more than 200 glyphicons can be available from the glyphicons set. It acts as icon fonts used in our web designing projects and can be used in buttons, navigation, forms, buttons etc. Glyphicons Halflings are free only for Bootstrap projects otherwise a license is required.

Examples of Glyphicon are print glyphicon, Envelope glyphicon.

The syntax can be used for this Glyphicon is:

<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-name"> </span>

19. What is the latest version of Bootstrap?

Bootstrap 4.

20. Explain the differences between Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 3?

In Bootstrap 4, Normalize.css is used i.e. reboot.
In Bootstrap 4, the global pixel size has been increased from 14px to 16px.
In Bootstrap 4, Primary CSS unit px is replaced by rem.
In Bootstrap 4, 5 tier Grid System is used in place of 4 tier Grid System.
In Bootstrap 4, Dark inverses table is supported.
In Bootstrap 4, CSS files have been converted into SCSS.
In Bootstrap 4, for full-width jumbotrons, .jumbotron-fluid class has been introduced.

21. Lists the languages in which Bootstrap is written?


22. How can you create pagination on our website?

.pagination class with <ul> can be used to add pagination

23. What is transition plugin in bootstrap?

Transition plugins can be used for transition effects including fading out alerts, tabs, carousels panes and modals. Transition.js along with JS is needed to insert this functionality.

24. What are media objects and its type?

With media objects, we can add media like videos, images to the written article or blogs. There are two types of media objects available in bootstrap i.e. .media and .media-list.

.media can be used to float ordered objects images right or left.
.media-list can be used for unordered list objects.

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25. How can we resize a group of a button instead of resizing each button?

These classes .btn-group-lg, .btn-group-xs classes, .btn-group-sm can be used to resize a group button.

26. How can we customize the links for pagination in Bootstrap?

.active to specify the current page.
.disabled can be used for unclickable links.

27. Explain the lists in Bootstrap?

There are three types of lists can be available in Bootstrap that includes ordered, unordered and definitions list.

28. Can we stack multiple progress bars?

Yes, .progress class can be used along with <div> tag and if we want to visualize percentage .sr-only, can be used.

29. What are the differences between foundation and Bootstrap?

In foundation, Rems are used and pixels are used in Bootstrap. In foundation, campas and SASS are used and in bootstrap, LESS can be used.

Bootstrap provides unlimited no of UI elements.
Bootstrap is preferable when there is a need for stability and speed factors and for flexibility, the foundation can be used.

30. How to use the Dropdown plugin?

dropdown.js is required to add the Dropdown plugin.

Add data-toggle="dropdown" to a button.


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