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Jira Interview Questions

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JIRA is the most trending software used in MNC company for project management and optimization. Coding Tag provides you the Top interview question on JIRA software to impress your recruiters.

Crack JIRA Interview Questions

1) What is JIRA?

It is an incident tracking and project management tool applicable for technical support, development process, and software teams for efficiency and process optimization. JIRA permits users to track bugs, issues, etc. via predefined workflow.

JIRA Software supports convenience-related features and Agile projects that continuously release and gains customer feedback.

2) JIRA is a platform-independent software?

Yes, it can run anywhere.

3) Jira is made up of which programing language?

Jira software code is written in Java.

4) What do you mean by the workflow in JIRA?

A workflow in JIRA can be defined as a series of consecutive functions required to be done in order to achieve a particular goal. For e.g. workflow in JIRA involve three phases i.e

  1. Create an issue
  2. Actions perform while working
  3. Closed after completion

5) Is it is possible to disable JIRA mobile for the site?

Yes, it is possible to disallow users to operate desktop view on their mobile through system add-on.

6) List some of the source control programs with which JIRA software integrates?

  • Git
  • ClearCase
  • Perforce
  • CVS
  • Visual SourceSafe

7) What are the benefits of JIRA?

  • Workflow customization as per company's requirement
  • Project process tracking.
  • Issue tracking
  • Feature implementation
  • Project management
  • Tracklog records of work and work log history
  • Agile projects management

8) JIRA Schema Consists of?

  • Issue types
  • Field configurations
  • Permissions
  • Screens
  • Workflows
  • Notifications
  • Instance

9) Suppose we want to track the life-cycle of an issue in JIRA, how we can do it?

We can track it through workflow

10) What does blue color indicate during the tracking time of an issue?

Original time estimation to resolve an issue

11) In Jira Software, how you can track the duration of an issue?

For tracking the duration of an issue, there are three colors to represent time spent behind a particular issue which is mentioned below:

  1. Orange (Remaining estimation time)
  2. Green (Logged time)
  3. Blue (Original estimation time)

12) Issues in JIRA can be assigned as?

  • The project tasks
  • Program bug
  • Leave request form
  • Help-desk ticket
  • Story and task of the project

13) Can you able to share a particular issue with other users in JIRA?

Yes, you can share through the share option or by sending them a link on an email or by mentioning the name of the particular user on the comments or description box.

14) What are the steps required to create an issue in JIRA Software?

To get directed towards the dashboard, there is a need to log in to your JIRA account.

Click on the 'create' button to get redirected on the 'issue creating' dialogue box.

Fill all the required field details to create an issue.

15) JIRA provides Data Backup functionalities?


16) Which framework does JIRA follow? Please explain.

JIRA follows the Agile Method Framework.

17) Can we configure new fields in JIRA?


18) What are the types of reports that you can make in JIRA?

  • Resolution time report
  • Single line group by the report
  • Time tracking report
  • Time since issue report
  • Resolved issue report
  • Sprint report
  • Velocity chart

19) Labeling an issue?

JIRA contains an outstanding feature of labeling an issue that permits the user to determine the category of the issue. You can easily find the issues from large no of issues with labels.

They are initially set during the time of issue creation and also can be modified per requirement.

It permits a user to find the category of an issue. The issue can be labeled at the time of creation which can be further modified as per requirement.

20) Explain EPICS?

EPIC is a large user story that has been broken down into smaller stories. Or in other words, it is a grouping of a user's stories.

21) What are Sprints?

Sprint is a collection of Issues/tasks from the backlog items.

22) What is the role of Clone in JIRA software?

We can easily create a replica of the original issue within the same project with the cloning feature of JIRA software. Duplicate of an issue can be helpful in creating a backup of projects as it stores the information of original issues such as Affects versions, summary, etc.

Updating the original issue will not affect the cloned issue.

23) List some things about the original issue that cannot be cloned in JIRA?

Time tracking, links to confluence pages, comments, and issue history

24) What do you mean by the term 'backlog' in JIRA software?

A backlog is the list of the work that needs to be done in the future or in other words we can say it is a wish list of the work.

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