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iOS Interview Questions

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If you are probing for iOS Interview Questions and looking for an ideal post for the same, Coding Tag offers you the list of Top 30 iOS Interview Questions.

Crack iOS Interview Questions

1) What are the different methods used for attaining concurrency in iOS?

The three different methods to attain concurrency in iOS are:

  • Threads
  • Dispatch queues
  • Operation queues

2) Name and explain the framework used to build the application's user interface for iOS?

The UIKit framework is used to construct an application's user interface. It facilitates features such as event handling, windows, drawing model and entire controls particularly constructed for a touch screen interface.

3) List some features of iOS 8?

  • Battery usage indicator
  • New keyboard(s)
  • Continuity
  • Advanced camera features
  • iCloud photo library
  • Interactive notifications
  • Messages upgrade
  • iCloud drive
  • Full-featured safari
  • The weather channel

4) What is the latest version of iOS?


5) Differentiate between iOS and Android?

iOS was developed by Apple Inc. on July 29, 2007
Android was developed by Google, Open handset alliance on September 23, 2008
iOS is available in 34 languages
Android is available on 90+ languages
Complexity in transferring data. Photos can be easily transferred through USB but to transfer media files, there is a need of iTunes desktop app
Photos can be easily transferred via USB port and Android File Transfer desktop app
Siri is available for voice command
Google Now and Google Assistant are the voice commands available in Android.
The initial version of iOS was iOS 1.0
The initial version of android was Android 1.0, Alpha

6) What's Code Coverage?

It is a feature introduced by Xcode, which acts as a metric for measuring the unit test's value and for indicating the execution of tested code.

7) What do you mean by Adapter Pattern?

An Adapter permits working of the classes with incompatible interfaces through wrapping itself with an object and to become an interface for interacting with that particular object.

8) What are the basic Pre-Requisites for learning IOS?

9) List some functions that can be performed with XCODE?

  • Projects creations and its management
  • Manage entire project dependencies
  • App development through project
  • Smart editors can be used to write source code
  • Documentation and program file navigation
  • Restoring an app on iOS simulator
  • Performance evaluation

10) What do you mean by Xcode?

Xcode is IDE consists of iOS SDK that permits extending Xcode and includes entire advanced features, tools, frameworks, and compilers, that are required to design or debugging any app precisely for iOS development.

11) Is Apple Simulators are available for windows OS?


12) What do you mean by the UI view controller?

The UI view controller is a class containing a set of methods used to view hierarchy and its management. These methods are automatically called by iOS at the appropriate time during view controller transitions.

13) List some advantages of Swift?

  • Closures
  • Built-in error management
  • Crash-resistant features
  • Faster

14) What do you mean by Simulator and its role in iOS?

Simulators are used in iOS for testing objectives. It is included on Xcode that provides the behavior ideas and appearance of the application running on a particular device.

Simulators are used during the building and execution of app on iOS.

15) Which keyword can be used to declare any constant in Swift?

Let keyword

16) What is the role of Sandbox in iOS?

Sandbox contains a range of fine-grained controls used to limit file access. It is used in iOS during installation for data security purposes.

17) What do you mean by App Bundle in iOS?

During iOS App creation, Xcode makes a bundle that acts as a directory located in the file system containing interconnected identical resources together including executable files, and entire supporting files of the application such as image files, content location, icons, etc.

18) Can delegate be retained in iOS?


19) List any four support features of UI Kit?

  • Content encapsulation
  • PDF creation
  • Disabled users access to support
  • Cut, copy, paste, printing and push notification support

20) What are the main concepts used in the memory management of iOS?

  • Voluntarily memory free-up principle
  • Virtual memory concepts
  • ARC
  • MRC
  • Reference types
  • Value types
  • Weak references
  • Unowned references

21) What do you mean by the Auto layout?

Auto layout is one of the schemes in iOS used to create scalable UI which is compatible with multiple devices of different sizes and shapes.

22) Describe some key functions of the managed object context in iOS?

  • Life-cycle management
  • Concurrency
  • Notifications

23) What is iOS?

iOS (iPhone OS) is a mobile-based operating system developed by Apple Inc. and circulated entirely for Apple hardware.

Some of the features of iOS are below:

  • Integrated search support permits instantaneous search via media, applications, files, and email
  • Gesture recognition supports
  • Interactive notifications
  • Google Maps direction services.

24) Explain plist in iOS?

plist stands for Property List i.e. more convenient format used for storing data of the application. It was initially developed by Apple for iPhone users and then later spread in different applications.

The main objective of plist is to organize and structure data. It doesn't store identical data. plists are applicable for Mac OS X and iOS operating systems.

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