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by Diksha Sharma 28-Nov-19

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If you have been familiar with Digital Marketing (which I'm supposed that you have), then you must be well aware of Social Media Marketing, being one of the most significant branches of digital marketing.

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook comes first into everyone's mind as it is one of the most popular social media platforms used widely by almost everyone nowadays.

This makes it an obvious platform to continue with the marketing agenda. If you are also pursuing social media marketing and want to strengthen your knowledge in terms of Facebook Marketing, then I have prepared this blog for you. The blog consists of all the possible Facebook Marketing Interview Questions along with their proper answers.

Hence, without thinking much, let us proceed with the very first question, which is:

1) What do you mean by Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing is one of the aspects of digital marketing in which all the products and services of an organization are marketed through the page created on Facebook.

2) Can you differentiate between Facebook and other Marketing strategies?

The difference between Facebook and other marketing strategies can be understood with the help of the following table:

Facebook MarketingOther Marketing
Facebook Marketing refers to the means of product marketing through the Facebook portal.Digital Marketing, in general, refers to the marketing of products and services through the mean of social media, devices, display ads, search engines and other means users can read through
Facebook Marketing is limited to the constraints of the internet and online marketing.In general, digital marketing is not confined to only online marketing and also covers offline marketing strategies.

3) Why is Facebook Marketing so important?

Facebook Marketing is important due to the following factors:

i) Talent Recruitment

ii) Maintaining the Corporation's reputation

iii) Promoting an event or connecting to the delegates

iv) Moving up Google's Ranking

v) Building a beneficial network

vi) Enhancing customer relationship

4) Which categories of customers are targeted through Facebook Marketing?

As Facebook is more popular among young generations, youth customer is mostly targeted through Facebook Marketing. In general, customers of age group 18-30 are targeted through Facebook Marketing.

5) How can you instill an effective Facebook marketing strategy?

Some of the effective Facebook marketing strategies are:

i) Fans Involvement

ii) Value Providing

iii) Frequent and consistent publishing schedule

iv) Focusing on relevancy of rates

v) Focusing on important metrics

vi) Using graph search and lookalike audience to search for targeted audience

vii) Avoiding boost post

viii) Instilling Conversion Tracking

ix) Targeting email list

x) Using power editor

xi) Optimizing ads and images

xii) Selling to fans

xiii) Creating multiple campaigns

6) Which Facebook marketing strategy is best when it comes to small business marketing?

For small businesses, different strategies which can be used for marketing are:

i) Creating and maintaining a posting calendar

ii) Regularly optimizing the profile page

iii) Creating a community page

iv) Regularly updating Facebook stories

v) Using Facebook for customer service

7) What do you mean by EdgeRank in Facebook Marketing?

EdgeRank is a Facebook Algorithm which is used to determine whether the posted content will remain the news feed of the profile or in the follower's page.

8) Why is EdgeRank used and is so important?

EdgeRank is used to reach out to the customers through the Facebook profile and is one of the most important aspects as it helps to market the images and content and also informs about the old post content.

9) Mention different ways of Facebook Marketing.

The different ways of Facebook Marketing are:

i) Striking Imagery

ii) Mine Audience insight

iii) Instilling proper strategy and budget

iv) Ads accompanying with landing pages

10) How can be Facebook used to promote any business?

The different steps which can be used to promote a business through Facebook are:

i) Regularly Posting

ii) Creating and promoting a business 

iii) Engaging Followers

iv) Instilling Facebook Ads

11) What are the different ways of boosting Facebook reach?

The different ways of boosting Facebook reach are:

i) Posting effective content

ii) Target Optimization

iii) Posting at a proper time

iv) Improving Facebook EdgeRank

v) Avoiding cross posting

vi) Using Facebook Live

vii) Using events and webinars

viii) Instilling email marketing

ix) Enabling fans notifications

12) How can Conversion Management be used in Facebook?

Conversion Marketing on Facebook can be used with the help of Conversion Pixel. With the help of that, a code is inserted into the Facebook profile which further tracks the conversion rate of the page.

13) Mention some of the metrics used to track the success of Social Media Marketing.

Some of the metrics which are used to track the success of social media marketing are:

i) Google Analytics to track site traffic

ii) Social CRM tool to track community size and engagement

iii) SocialMention tool to track the conversations in terms of the organization

iv) Social Media Returns Tracking

14) What is Social Return on Investment (ROI)? How can you measure it?

Social Return on Investment is the factor through which the effectiveness of the capital and resource which have been associated with generating marketing values is measured. It can be measured with the help of the Conversion Measurement Tool as well as Google Analytics.

15) What different metrics are evaluated in context to Social Return on Investment (ROI)?

Different metrics which are covered in terms of Social Return on Investment are:

i) Website Blog Traffic

ii) E-mail Subscription

iii) Registration for site content

iv) Webinar Registration

To sum it all, I will say that Facebook Marketing is one of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing and you must practice all these Facebook Marketing Interview Questions well if you want to ace your interview.

However, if you have any queries, you can reach out to me through the comment box below . We are always here to help you!

Also, don't forget to share my blog with your peers and help them prepare for the upcoming interview.

Wish you all the luck!


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