Ubuntu Interview Questions

Ubuntu Interview Questions

by Shikha Sharma

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Hello !!

So we are here at the end of this present era and I have met with many interviews and interacted with a lot of people from an IT background to get some knowledge on the same. And concluded that there are many similar questions related to Ubuntu that recruiters ask.

Thus this idea popped up in my mind that why not compile those questions for the entire job seekers and help them in lessening their burden.

If you are wondering what those questions are then here is a glimpse of those questions and just read these answers properly and you will get an idea what kind of questions can be asked in your interview by the recruiters. Download Ubuntu. Let's begin now.

Let's start with the first question

1) Who is the owner of Ubuntu?

Mark Richard Shuttle worth is the person behind the proposal of the Linux-based Ubuntu Operating System.

2) Name the company that is behind Ubuntu?

The company that is behind Ubuntu is known as Canonical.

3) Do we need antivirus for Ubuntu?

Well, no is the answer to this question because most of the viruses are coded in a way to take advantage of the weakness present in the Windows that is why the viruses cannot run on Ubuntu.

4) How can we hack Ubuntu?

We can hack Ubuntu with the use of OS. We can use a multifarious platform for hacking Ubuntu. But the most considerable is Kali Linux which is used in a wide manner by the developers.

But if we are going to hack then we are also supposed to install several software and tools that are required.

5) What is the major purpose of Ubuntu?

Majorly, Ubuntu is used to give classic usage of a system, exactly similar to the way we are using Windows. And Ubuntu has been one of the most popular servers' operating systems worldwide for servers and desktops.

6) What is the difference between Windows and Ubuntu?

The difference between Windows and Ubuntu are as follows.

Windows are not free. We have to buy it.It is an open-source operating system that is completely free. We don't have to pay anything to Ubuntu.
A virus can be found in WindowsUbuntu is Virus free
Windows are not meant to support desktop applicationsUbuntu support desktop applications
While installing Windows, we need to install MS Office separatelyWe are not required to install MS Office separately. It is built-in

7) What are the elements that are being used by Ubuntu cloud architecture?

There are several elements that are being used by Ubuntu cloud architecture such as:

  • Cluster controller - Responsible for controlling the groups of the clouds containing several nodes and the designs of the nodes.
  • Cloud controller - the role of the cloud controller is to handle the correlation among two nodes and allows the framework to communicate with each other.
  • Elastic block storage controller - Elastic block storage controller allows the assets to rise with the rise in interest. It contains several dynamic assets.
  • Node controller - The node controller contains various equipment assets that are handed over to the client via the group controller.
  • Walrus Storage controller - this element manages the information capacity and assets at one spot.

8) What is the usage of the Ubuntu server?

Basically, the Ubuntu server is also known as a server operating system that is proposed by Canonical and open source developers worldwide.

This works with hardware and can entertain file shares, websites, and so on.

9) What is an Ubuntu image?

Ubuntu images are the official images that are already installed on the disk and are being modified according to the requirement by the Ubuntu to make it run on the common cloud.

This offers Openstack, images certified by Ubuntu, and many more.

10) How we will get to know about the installation of the version of Ubuntu?

We need to follow certain steps to know about the installation of Ubuntu

  • Use CTRL+ALT+T to open your terminal or you can simply click on the terminal icon
  • Write lsb_release - command and it will show your Ubuntu version
  • Ubuntu version can be shown in the description

11) How can we know about the system information in Ubuntu?

We can find about the system information with the use of Ctrl - Alt - T on the keyboard and it will redirect us to open the terminal and then you can run your command to create an HTML file that contains your system information.

12) Using which command we can interface Ethernet into the Ubuntu cloud?

Here is the command mentioned, using w=that we can interface Ethernet into Ubuntu cloud:

ifconfig -a | grep eth
Link encap: Ethernet
HWaddr 00:15:c5:4a:16:5a

13) Mention the reasons why do we consider Ubuntu safe?

We consider Ubuntu safe because of the following reasons

  • Linux is considered as one of the safest OS frameworks that are used by Ubuntu
  • Unlike other OS frameworks, Linux clients can keep a check on the code all THE time and if any default found can be detected at the same time.
  • Ubuntu does not contain any malicious messages and contents, and while opening the email, it goes under several security check-ups. Thus it does not bring any malware to your system.

14) Can we consider Ubuntu as a good operating system?

Of course, Ubuntu can be taken as a good operating system as it is more resource friendly. Ubuntu can run on various bygones hardware much better than Windows can run.

15) Differentiate between Ubuntu Server and Desktop Server?

Ubuntu ServerDesktop Server
It does not contain any graphical user interfaceIt contains a graphical user interface
Ubuntu Server focuses on the server requirements such as email server, web server, etc.It has the applications that is used for general purpose such as web browser, multimedia etc.
It uses a process-driven menu for installationInstallation is similar to other software


Here I would wrap now. I hope I have helped you in getting your answers to the interview questions for Ubuntu.

Even if you didn't get some answers, you can write down your query and I will surely fix it up in no time.

Till then stay connected with my blogs :)

All the best..!!

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