AWS Interview Questions

by Monika Dadool 13-May-19

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1) What are the traditional problems that most company faces before cloud computing?
They require purchasing numerous amounts of servers and servers are very expensive that need a high setup and maintenance cost.

2) AWS
AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one of the most secure global cloud services platform offered by Amazon which delivers infrastructures as a service i.e. we do not need backup or power supply of the service, platform as a service, SaaS, content delivery and many other outstanding services beneficial for business growth.

3) List some of the services offered by AWS?
a) Route 53
b) Auto-scaling
c) Virtual Private Cloud
d) Relational Database Services
e) Elastic Load Balancing

4) What do you mean by AMI in AWS?
AMI stands for Amazon Machine Image; we can say that its function is identical to the operating system CD or ISO images that we are installing on the system or virtual machine.

In other words, an AMI act as a template of an OS that we can install on any server or virtual machine that falls on Amazon infrastructure. It is used to create a virtual machine.

There are thousands of built-in AMI available that can be used as per requirement. We can also create AWS manually.

5) What do you mean by instance?
An instance can be any hardware machine on which we install AMI.

6) What do you mean by Amazon SQS?
A cloud computing tool acts as a mediator between two controllers responsible for different process communication including message sending, storing and receiving.

SQS provide two types of queries one is standard and the other one is FIFO.

7) What is the role of CloudWatch in the AWS cloud?
CloudWatch is one of services provided by AWS. This is designed for the developer's to perform resource monitoring. It can be done by collecting information related to resources such as set alarms, log files, metrics, login, and events.

Roles of CloudWatch
a) One can easily troubleshoot issues with the collected login details
b) Application executing at real-time and resources can be monitored with this service
c) Applications optimization

8) What are the benefits of auto-scaling?
a) Provide  fault tolerance
b) Increase availability
c) Improve cost management

9) How many IP addresses are reserved by AWS in a subnet by default?

10) How many buckets can be permitted to construct in AWS by default?

11) What is auto-scaling?
It is used for automatically adjustment of the capacity as per requirement. This concept is mainly used to handle load of the applications

Main functions of auto-scaling
It Permits an automatic provision and configuration.
One can easily launch new instances as the demand increases. For e.g. Servers are increased when there is huge traffic found in any website, the concept of auto-scaling is used to handle load.

12) What is Geo Targeting?
Geo Targeting is a concept used to target the traffic overview i.e. it permits displaying of personalized content to your audience depending upon their geographical location without any URL updating. It allows targeting and detecting user's location.

List some benefits of an object storage service (Amazon S3):
a) Scalability
b) Data security
c) Data availability
d) High performance
e) Store and retrieve data

13) How one can send a request to Amazon S3?
You can send a request through REST API or AWS SDK wrapper libraries that can wrap underlying Amazon S3 REST API and also simplify programming responsibilities.

14) What is the role of Geo Restriction in Cloudfront?
Geo Restriction is also known as Geo-Blocking used to prevent users to access content in specific geographic locations.

15) What do you mean by AWS Lambda?
AWS Lambda is a compute service that allows you to execute code automatically as per requirement in the AWS cloud without provisioning or managing servers.

Some features of AWS Lambda are listed below:
It performs entire administration of the resources like server and OS maintenance
This is used to extend AWS services
Automatic scaling
Integrated security model

16) Role of Buffers in AWS?
Buffers are used in AWS to preserve seamless integration, traffic management and to make system more robust. It is required to create equilibrium between entire apparatus. Moreover, it permits components to operate an unstable situation and to offer rapid services.

17) What do you mean by S3 in AWS?
It is a data storage system specially designed to make web-scale computing simple. It allows storing and retrieving any amount of data.

18) In which year, EC2 was officially introduced?

19) What is the role of Amazon Elasticache?
This web service simplify deploy, scale and data storage.

20) What is AWS CloudTrail?
AWS CloudTrail is a specially designed API tool used for tracking, log-monitoring, and call-recording. It permits AWS customers to record API calls.



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