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Export MySQL data to Excel in PHP

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Here below, in this article we will fetch records from database and export in into the excel format. Then excel will be auto downloaded.

Follow the below steps

Create First File - File Name: index.php

<a href="export-export.php">Export to excel</a>

Create Second File - File Name: dbconnect.php

<?php session_start();

global $db;
$GLOBALS['db'] = mysqli_connect("localhost","root","","ion8");


Create Third File - File Name: excel-export.php

include("dbconnect.php"); //database connection

function exportInExcel(Name, $headerRow, $data) {

ini_set('max_execution_time', 1600); //increase max_execution_time to 10 min if data set is very large

Content = implode("\t ", $headerRow)."\n";

foreach($data as $result) {

Content .=  implode("\t ", $result)."\n";


header('Content-type: application/ms-excel'); // you can set csv format
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename='.Name);

echo Content;


function get_customers_lists(){

$qry = "SELECT * from users WHERE 1  order by id desc limit 0,300";
$product_query=mysqli_query($db,$qry) or die('Mysql Err1:'. mysqli_error($db));

$rec_list = array();

    $rec_list[] = $fetch_products;


return $rec_list;


Name = "excel_".date("d-m-y:h:s").".xls";
// Name = "report_".date("d-m-y:h:s").".csv";



$fetch_list = get_customers_lists();

$res_data = array();
$headerRow = array('Uid','Name','Email','Mobile','City','State', 'Country','Zip Code','Status','Updated','Date Added');  
foreach($fetch_list as $fetch_detail){

$res_data['id'] = $fetch_detail['id'];
$res_data['name'] = $fetch_detail['name'];
$res_data['email'] = $fetch_detail['email'];
$res_data['mobile'] = $fetch_detail['mobile'];
$res_data['city'] = ucfirst($fetch_detail['city']);
$res_data['state'] = ucfirst($fetch_detail['state']);
$res_data['country'] = ucfirst($fetch_detail['country']);
$res_data['zipcode'] = ucfirst($fetch_detail['zipcode']);
$res_data['status'] = ucfirst($fetch_detail['status']);
$res_data['timestamp'] = ucfirst($fetch_detail['timestamp']);
$res_data['date_added'] = ucfirst($fetch_detail['date_added']);

$data[] = $res_data;


exportInExcel(Name, $headerRow, $data);


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