str_word_count() function in PHP || PHP str_word_count()

str_word_count() function in php


str_word_count() function of PHP is used to count the number of words present in the PHP string. It is an inbuilt function of PHP.




1 $string is a PHP string which words to be counted by this function. It is required.

2 $return_val decides the return type of this function. It is an optional parameter. It has 3 possible values.

  a. 0: This is the default value of this parameter. The function returns the total number of words present in the string.

  b. 1: The function returns an indexed array that contains the words present in the string.

  c. 2: The function returns an associative array which key is the position of the word in the string and value is the word.

3 $chars represent some special characters which to be counted as words. It is an optional parameter.


$str="Welcome to Coding Tag";
$res1=str_word_count($str,0);  // result with return parameter 0
$res2=str_word_count($str,1);  // result with return parameter 1
$res3=str_word_count($str,2);  // result with return parameter 2
echo "<pre>";
echo "Number of words is :<strong>$res1</strong><br>";
echo "Total words are:<br>";
echo "<br>Total words with their positions are:<br>";


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