number_format() function in PHP || PHP number_format() function

number_format() function in php


PHP number_fomat() function is used to format a number with grouped thousands. It is an inbuilt function of PHP. The return type of this function is number means it returns a formatted number corresponding to the given number.


  • $number is a number that is formatted by this function. It is mandatory.
  • $decimal is used to decide the position of the decimal point. It is optional.
  • $decimal_point represents a string which used for the decimal point. It is also optional.
  • $separater_char represents which character is used to separate thousands. If it is a string then only the first character of string used as a separator. It is also optional but if this parameter is given then all the above parameters are required to be given.


echo "Original number is : $number <br>";
echo "Modified number is : $modified_number";


Example 2:

$modified_number=number_format($number,2); // rounded with 2 decimal position
echo "Original number is : $number <br>";
echo "Modified number is : $modified_number";


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