SEO - A Guide to Beginners

by Gagan Gaba 15-Sep-18

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The field of marketing and promoting business has just been redefined with the introduction of the Digital Marketing. It is the way through one can promote the business over digital media channels and if done in an effective way can bring a huge success to the business owners.

Digital marketing comprises of many methods like SEO, SEM, Content Marketing and others and each has its own importance in the world of the Digital Marketing. But, amongst every method, SEO gets the highest consideration for being the most effective technique in the field of Digital Marketing.

SEO - A Guide to Beginners

SEO A Guide to Beginners

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique that helps your making your website visible in search engine results. Through SEO, you can drive a huge traffic to your website resulting in making your website popular.

But, to achieve the results, you must need to implement the technique of SEO in an effective manner, and in case if you are just a beginner, here is small guide on SEO that will help you understand the basic things about this most important marketing technique.

These few mentioned steps are all you need to start your experience with SEO.

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a) Unique Page Title

Page title is the first thing that any search engine looks for and depending on the information and details your website is offering. Avoid from giving the same page title to every page of your website. Give a title that is unique and appealing and have keywords that people most frequently look for.

b) Meta Description

Meta description is basically a detailed summary that is placed in the form of coding and tells the search engine what your page is offering. The more accurate the description will be, the stronger the chances of your website getting visible in the search engine results.

c) Keywords

This acts as one of the most important technique in SEO. Keywords are basically a specific word that people type to look for the websites. As many are unaware about which type of services you are offering and no one going to directly visit your website.

People type keywords in order to fetch information about what exactly they are looking for. So, it is important to add relevant keywords in your website.

Meta keywords are the precise keywords that people use placing below the Meta description. Clever choices of the Meta keywords will surely help get into the higher rank of search engine results.


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