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Ctrl + X

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Ctrl + X also known as Control + X is a keyboard shortcut used to cut the selected text or other things. It is different from the Copy command as it only copies the content and leaves the same content at that place but the Cut command will take the content from there and leave nothing there.

How to use Ctrl + X?

One needs to press and hold the "Ctrl" key on the keyboard and press the "X" key with it.


On Mac computers, you need to press "Command+X".

  • Ctrl + X in Excel:
  • In Microsoft Excel, the cut command is used to cut the selected data, or cell, so it can be pasted at other places.

  • Ctrl + X in Word:
  • In Microsoft Word, Ctrl + X will cut the selected text, image, or other object and insert it into your clipboard. You can paste it anywhere later.

  • Ctrl + X in Browser:
  • In all the major browsers, pressing Ctrl + X doesn't work everywhere, you can only cut the editable text. However, if you choose to cut some data from any page online, the shortcut key will not work. You need to move to the copy command.

  • Ctrl + X in Outlook:

In Microsoft Outlook, Ctrl + X will cut the selected content of the message.

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