YouTube shortcut keys

YouTube shortcut keys

by Devender

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Everybody knows the importance of YouTube in our lives. If you are looking for Shortcut keys to use YouTube from your keyboard, then you are at the right place. We will be elaborating every keyboard shortcut of YouTube and what it does. So, hang on and enjoy.

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Here is a list of Microsoft Outlook shortcut keys:

Shortcut Keys
Space or K
Mute/unmute the video
Left Arrow
Skip video backward 5 Seconds
Right arrow
Skip forward 5 seconds
Up arrow
Increases volume by 5%
Down arrow
Decreases volume by 5%
Skip video backward 10 Seconds
Skip video forward 10 seconds
Skip to the next frame(Works when the video is paused)
Go back to the previous frame(Works when the video is paused)
Shift  + .Increases the video playback speed
Shift  +  ,
Decreases the video playback speed
Home or O
Go back to the beginning of the video
Skip to the end of the video
Move to the 10% of the video
Move to the 20% of the video
Move to the 30%-90% of the video
Move to the search box
Activate/de-activate full-screen mode
Activate/De-activate captions and subtitles
Shift + P
Go back to the Previous video
Shift + N
Move to the Next video
Move to the mini-player

These are all the keyboard shortcut keys for YouTube. You can memorize these keys in a few minutes and make your YouTube experience even more exciting.

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