Mozilla Firefox shortcut keys

Mozilla Firefox shortcut keys

by Devender

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used web browsers around the world. It provides a very user-friendly interface and many other features, one such is keyboard shortcut keys. These shortcut keys make it easy to work fast and more efficiently while saving time.

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Here is a list of Firefox shortcut keys:

Shortcut Keys
Alt + Left arrow
Alt + Right arrow
Ctrl + Down arrow
Go to Bottom of Page
Ctrl + Up arrow
Go to Top of Page
Ctrl + O
Open File
Ctrl + R
Ctrl + P
Ctrl + S
Save Page as
Ctrl and +
Zoom in
Ctrl and -
Zoom out
Ctrl + 0Reset Zoom to default
Ctrl + Backspace
Delete Word to the Left
Ctrl + Del
Delete Word to the Right
Ctrl + A
Select all
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + F
Find in the page
Ctrl + W
Close Tab
Ctrl + Shift + w
Close Window
Ctrl + Tab
Go one Tab to the Right
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Go one Tab to the Left
Ctrl + (1-8)
Go to Tab 1 to 8
Ctrl + 9
Go to the Last Tab
Ctrl + M
Mute/Unmute Audio
Ctrl + T
Open New Tab
Ctrl + N
Open New Window
Ctrl + Shift + P
New Private Window
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Show All Tabs
Ctrl + Shift + T
Undo Closed Tab
Ctrl + Shift + N
Undo Closed Window
Ctrl + Shift + X
Moves the URL left or right
Ctrl + H
Open History sidebar
Ctrl + Shift + Del
Clear Recent History
Ctrl + Shift + D
Bookmark All Tabs
Ctrl + D
Bookmark the current page
Ctrl + Shift + B
Show/hide the Bookmarks toolbar
Ctrl + J
Ctrl + U
Page Source
Ctrl + I
Page Info

These are all the keyboard shortcut keys for Mozilla Firefox. If you love to use the Firefox browser then you will definitely love it even more after you start using these keyboard shortcut keys.

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