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Cloud Computing Service Models


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In this article i am going to talk about the different cloud computing service models. These are provided by cloud vendors like Microsoft, Amazon, Google etc.

If you are beginner and not familiar with term "Cloud Computing", i would suggest read what is cloud computing.

During "Cloud Computing" talks we also hear terms like IAAS, SAAS, PAAS. (See Top 10 cloud computing terminologies/jargon/full-forms)

But wait!! what are these fancy jargons?

Let me put some light on these.

Cloud computing service delivery models basically fall into three categories (mentioned below). Each of which delivers different set of services to the customer. Also customer can decide which model to choose over others depending on how much control he/she wants over their infrastructure.

1. Software as a service (SAAS)
2. Platform as a service (PAAS)
3. Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)

SaaS Model

It is a method of delivering on demand software application as a service over the internet on a subscription basis.

In SAAS ecosystem, cloud vendor host and maintain these software and its underlying infrastructure.

It also handles all the maintenance activities like software upgrades, security patching, software configuration & optimization etc.

Users will be given a web bases access to connect to their respective applications.

Some famous SAAS based applications are Microsoft Office 365, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

PaaS Model

It is a way of providing on-demand computing environment (including Operating System, programming language execution runtime etc.).

This model helps users to build, test, run, deliver and manage their application.

This model is mainly for developers who would like to quickly build the application and test it in real ecosystem.

PaaS users don't need to worry about creating & managing underlying infrastructure like server, database, networking etc.

Through web-based access they can directly develop and write code to build mobile or web application.

Some PaaS Examples: Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Windows Azure, Heroku, Google App Engine

IaaS Model

Infrastructure as a service as the name signifies provides on demand computing infrastructure like virtual machines, servers, containers etc.

User can directly create these resources on need basis through simple web-based portal.

IaaS providers maintains these infrastructures and control all sort of maintenance activities like providing backup, security etc.

Some IaaS Examples: Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, Digital Ocean.

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