Personal Computer Shortcut Keys

by Yogesh Khanna 28-Dec-15

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Shortcut keys is very important to improve your speed to access computer software programs, Shortcut keys provide an easier quicker method of navigating and executing commands in computer programs.

Personal Computer Shortcut KeysAlt + Tab :
Switch Open Programs between each other

F2 :
Rename a selected file

F5 :
For refresh the window

Control + N :
Create a new document or page in some programs

Control + O :
Open Old File

Control + A :
Select all files or select all text in any program means SELECT ALL

Control + B :
Bold any selected text

Control + C :
Copy any selected text, file, folder

Control + E :
For text alignment in center

Control + F :
Find any text in program, find file in computer

Control + H :
Replace any text in program, at one time multiple nos of same text can be change with another text

Control + I :
Normal selected text convert into Italic

Control + J :
For text alignment in justify. Means all text lines or paragraph show equally

Control + K :
Insert hyperlink for selected text

Control + P :
Give print command to any document page

Control + R :
For text alignment in right side

Control + S :
Save current document file means excel, word, powerpoint etc.

Control + U :
Gives underline to selected text

Control + V :
Paste any text, file, folder etc. But for use paste command, firstly have to copy same file, folder or text

Control + X :
Cut selected item

Home Key :
Direct go to beginning of current line

Control + Home Key :
Direct go to beginning of current

Alt + F4 :
Close the current program

Control + Shift + esc :
Open windows task manager

Control + esc :
Open start menu



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