File handling in C

File handling in C language can be used for following functions like opening a file, reading a file, writing a file, searching a file or closing a file. It also can be used for permanent storage of the data.

Functions of File Handling in C Language are the following:

1. fopen:
It functions as opening a file.

2. fclose:
It functions as closing a file.

3. getc:
It functions as reading a character from a file.

4. putc:
It functions as writing a character to a file.

5. getw:
It functions as reading an integer.

6. putw:
It functions as writing an integer.

7. fprintf:
It functions as printing output to a file.

8. fscanf:
It functions as reading formatted input from a file.

9. fgets:
It functions as reading a string of characters from a file.

10. fputs:
It functions as writing a string of character to file.

11. feof:
It functions as detecting an end of file marker in the file.

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