How to install C

How to install C


C is a programming language that is used for making programs. In order to use the C program, you would require a compiler like Turbo C++, GCC, Clang, Code:: blocks. etc.

Let's start with the Turbo C++.

There are just 4 easy simple steps for installing the Turbo C++ Software.

They are as follows:

1 First, you will need the setup of Turbo C++ Software. To download, click this link.


2 Second, After you have downloaded the setup, you have to create a new directory in the C Drive. Now extract the setup file into the newly created folder.

3 In the third step, you have to click the setup file and follow the instructions as it says.

It will ask you to enter the setup, press the enter button to continue further.

Confirm the drive to C

After pressing the enter button, the setup will look for its files in the turbo C directory.

The start installation will prompt then, confirm it by using the arrow down key then press enter.

The Turbo C software has been successfully installed. You can read the readme file to get an overview of it.

4 Now it's time to write your first C program.

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