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UMTS Full Form

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UMTS stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunications Services i.e. a 3G cellular-system technology standard capable of accommodating 3G multi-mobile services. It permits access of services like Voice Mail, Internet TV, Video Calling and Conferences.

Maximum data transfer rates of UMFS is 42 Mbits.

Objective behind UMTS

2g and 2.5G systems are incompatible with advanced technologies and provides less data. These systems are enhanced with new features to design a UMTS system, which is capable of working across world with high data speed i.e. 2048Kbps.

UMTS Features

  • It describes the protocols and the radio interface in core network
  • UMTS is a 3G architecture
  • It supports both CDMA and GSM
  • It supports both circuit and packet switch transmission
  • It provides mobile services across world
  • It provide high bandwidth and availability
  • The download and upload speed of UMTS is upto 21 mbps and 5.7 mbps respectively
  • It permits multi-mobile services, interpersonal communication, voice-mail, messaging, video-conferencing
  • It contains variable spreading factor
  • It refers to WCDMA protocols
  • High flexible

Components of UMTS

The UMTS network architecture can be categorized into three components:

UE (User equipment) i.e. A multimedia terminal able to provide video, data, and voice simultaneously. It consist of two sections i.e. mobile equipment and Universal subscriber identity module.

UTRAN: It is a terrestrial radio access network which contains RNC, Node B and RNS in it.

Core Network: core network is also divided into two sub parts i.e. Circuit switched and packet switched elements to carry data in a circuit and packet form respectively.

Modes of UMTS



Difference between GSM and UMTS

Slow data rate
Fast data rate
2G and 2.5 are example of GSM
3G system is an example of UMTS
Dependent on TDMA
Dependent on CDMA
Old technologies
Improve version of 2G i.e. new technology standard

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