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jQuery Syntax


  • We can perform a specific task on a particular HTML element by using jQuery.
  • Through the use of selectors, which concisely represent elements based upon their attributes or position within the HTML document, we can perform several actions.

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jQuery Syntax





  • The $() function ( jQuery() function) returns a special JavaScript object containing an array of the DOM elements that match the selector. This object possesses a large number of useful predefined methods that can act on the group of elements.
  • (selector) is used to find or query HTML elements. jQuery supports most of the selectors like class or ID.
  • action() represents a jQuery action to be performed on the HTML elements.

The document ready handler:

jQuery provides a simple way to trigger the execution of code once the HTML DOM tree has loaded means the jQuery code runs after the document is finished loading or ready.



// jQuery code


We can also use the below shorter syntax:


// jQuery code write here...



In this example, we create a new HTML element by using a ready handler.

<title> jQuery Example </title>
<script type = "text/javascript"
<script type="text/javascript">
$("<p>Hi there!</p>").insertAfter("#followMe");
<p id="followMe">Welcome to CodingTag!</p>


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