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Types of SEO - White Hat, Black Hat & Grey Hat SEO

by Gagan Gaba

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The technique of SEO is perhaps the most discussed and important branch of the digital marketing. Understanding the SEO may seem difficult, but once anyone gets familiar with every aspect of the SEO, then the constant practice can lead to the better ranking of the page in the search engine results.

Though the main type of SEO practice comprises of the on-page and off-page SEO, there is one other form as well and this can subdivided into three further parts. White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, and Grey Hat SEO are those three other forms of SEO that are in much practice these days. But before you go on implementing these SEO techniques, you must get yourself with all the aspects, features, and pros and cons.

White Hat SEO

Millions of people visit Google to gather different types of information, but the quest is that why your website should be shown in the search engine. White Hat SEO techniques are that techniques that help your website get visible in the search engines, but withstanding the rules and regulations of the Google. White Hat SEO comprises of a few further optimized techniques and that are:

* Writing Content
* Meta Information
* Site Architecture
* Images and Videos
* Site Performance

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO stands for exactly the opposite things of what White Hat SEO does to enhance the rankings of the website on the search engine results. Black Hat SEO violates the rules of the Google and many times constant practice of the Black Hat SEO can result into the forever banned of your website on Goggle. The techniques of the Black Hat SEO are:

* Paid Links
* Duplicate Content
* Spam Comments
* Cloaking
* Article Spinning

Grey Hat SEO

As many can guess by the name itself, Grey Hat SEO refers to the techniques that combine the techniques of White and Black Hat SEO, and it is less risky than the Black Hat SEO, but still is dangerous. May be you can achieve the popularity by implementing the Grey hat SEO techniques, but you never know how long will it sustain in Goggle as Google is million dollar company with professionals keeping an eye on all your web activities.

Some of the Grey Hat SEO techniques are:

* Cloaking
* Duplicate Content
* Buying Links
* Purchasing Followers

So, now you know what your website and you need to do to improve the ranking of your website in search engine.

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