What are Inbound and Outbound Linking?

What are Inbound and Outbound Linking?

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SEO, an acronym used for the Search Engine Optimization consists of many things that together make another world in the world of the internet. It has many practices that help the site rank better in the search engine results.

Out of many practices, people often get confused with the terms "inbound linking" and "outbound linking".

Today, we are taking the initiative to clear the cloud of queries surrounding people regarding these two terms. But, to know the differences between these two terms, we must understand what they mean individually.

Inbound Linking

Inbound links otherwise known as the backlinks refer to the links that redirect to your website. Google, of course, likes the idea of plenty of backlinks redirecting to your site, but at the same time, Google, the most reliable search engine, punished you if you have broken or poor quality backlinks redirecting to your website as you have no authority over the links posted for you by others.

Google considers the links that are relevant, but at the same time, you can't have control over the backlinks posted for redirecting to your site. To avoid Google discarding all of them, make sure that your website has contents with rich and relevant information.

This is the only way through which you can generate the authentic traffic to your website, and the relevant links will be "dofollow" which can be an advantage for your website.

Outbound Links

These are just the adverse of the outbound links and refer to the links that you have posted on other websites on your websites. You, unlike the inbound links, have the control to manage them, and many use to violate the website by posting broken links of that particular website.

Many consider outbound links as a violating practice that goes against the SEO rules and search engines if found you can punish you severely for the act. The approach and the concept of the outbound links are a bad call and action.

It is nothing like you cannot add a link to any other website on your website, but when you are doing this, ensure that the link is working properly and redirecting the readers to the page where they can avail of informative content.

So, now you know what both of them mean and what their major differences are.

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