CITE (<cite>) Tag

by Jai 10-Jun-19

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The HTML Citation element (<cite>) is used to describe a reference to a cited creative work and must include the title of that work. The reference may be in an abbreviated form according to context-appropriate conventions related to citation metadata.

The main objective of <cite> Tag is to specify the source of the content.

HTML <cite> tag does not contain any specific attribute. The syntax of <city> tag look identical to <cite> </cite>.

Browsers Support:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

CITE (<cite>) Tag

CITE (<cite>) Tag

CITE (<cite>) Tag

CITE (<cite>) Tag


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>The Cite Tag</title>
<h2>Example of Cite tag</h2>
<img src="htmlbook.jpg" height="150" width="120">
<p>A famous book:
<cite> HTML Black Book </cite> written by Steven Holzner (Author)


CITE (<cite>) Tag


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