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HTML HR <hr> Tag


The HTML HR <hr> Tag is short form for horizontal rule. This tag is used to paragraph-level thematic break or line to separate documents or sections in the HTML document.

It is used when you want to change your topic in your HTML document.

There is no need to close this tag as it is an optional tag.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Hr Tag</title>
<p>HTML is a Hypertext Markup Language.</p>
<h2>HR Tag</h2>
<p>HR tag is used to draw a horizontal line within the texts to sepate content.<p>


The HTML <hr> tag is a square level component moving all the components after it to a different line. The outer look of the level line characterized by the tag relies upon the sort of the program. All the more frequently it is shown with a fringe, which makes a 3D impact.

In HTML5 the <hr> tag characterizes a topical change between passage level components in a HTML page. In past adaptations of HTML, it was utilized to draw a flat line on the page outwardly isolating the substance.

In HTML5 it has a semantic label meaning.

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