Label Tag in HTML || HTML Lagel Tag

HTML LABEL <label> Tag


The <label> tag is used for generating caption/Heading/text label for a form control in HTML form. The label is a simple text that tells about specific form input fields in which users can select and put the data correctly.

Label tag is used with elements such as <textarea>, <input>, <output>, <meter>, <progress>, <select> or <button> tag.

For example, an input field that required the user's first name then you have a label of "First Name: ".

The <label> tag has both start and end tags. It is written as <label></label> with the label text inserted between the program.

<title> Label Tag </title>
<label for="email">EMAIL-ID:<br />
<input type="email" value="" name="emailid" size="30"
placeholder="Enter a valid email address"><br />
<label for="phone">PHONE NO:<br />
<input type="text" value="" name="phoneno" size="30"
maxlength="10" placeholder="Enter a valid phone number" pattern="[0-9]{10}"><br />


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