HTML ARTICLE Tag || Article Tag in HTML

HTML ARTICLE <article> Tag


The HTML ARTICLE <article> </article> element identifies a self-contained piece of content that could theoretically be distributed to other websites and platforms as a stand-alone unit.

The <article> </article> element mostly used to contain entire blog posts, news articles, and similar content.

The <article> </article> tag is written as <article></article> with the article content inserted.

between the start and end tags.


New in HTML5


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title> Article Tag </title>
<h1> Article Tag </h1>
 <h2> About Coding Tag </h2>
 <p>Coding Tag is the E-learning website covering all aspects of technical and nontechnical tutorials</p>
 <h2> Our Mission </h2>
Our main objective is to become an outstanding reference training platform to promote the technical skill.</p>

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