MAP <map> Tag

by Jai 17-Jul-19

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The <map> tag is used to represent an image-map showing active areas, so that you can click there to get more information. The clickable areas in the image map are defined using the <area> tag, nested in the <map> tag.

An image map includes an image having clickable areas, so that you can click on that image. It will open to a target or new or the provided destination. <map> tag may also have <area> elements more than one to describe the types of the area and its coordinates.

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Map tag</title>
<h1>Example of  Map tag</h1>
<img src="download.jpg" usemap="#web">
<map name="web">
<area shape="rect" href="" coords="30,50,50,30" 
alt="rect hyperlink in one img" title="rect hyperlink">
<area shape="circle" coords="90,18,100" href="" 
alt="circle hyperlink in one img" title="circle hyperlink">

MAP <map> Tag



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