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HTML samp <samp> tag


HTML SAMP <samp> tag is a phrase tag, we are used to representing the sample output from a computer program or a script, in the web browser. The content written between the <samp> and </samp> tags renders in a browser's default its used monospace font.


<samp> content goes here.. </samp>

The <samp> tag is not deprecated yet, but you can also use the CSS property to achieve the same result.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML samp tag</title>
<h2> Example of samp tag </h2>
<em> Emphasized text </em><br>
<strong> Strong text </strong><br>
<code>A piece of computer code</code><br>
<samp> Sample output from a computer program </samp><br>
<kbd> Keyboard input </kbd><br>
<var> Variable </var>


Result - HTML samp tag

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